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originally published 10/16/1989 AT 01:00 AM EDT

With Hurricane Hugo on its way, I was forced to fight maniacs for candles, batteries and canned food. During the confusion, your magazine with Saturday Night Live on the front (PEOPLE, Sept. 25) made its way into my emergency items. Thanks for giving me something to laugh at during a serious situation.
Gail M. Boyles
Hinesville, Ga.

I am a college student and remember sneaking into my parents' room at 11:30 every Saturday night, after the baby-sitter thought I was asleep, to see the lady with the huge, frizzy hair and the people with the tall heads. Today, when the college scene gets dull, I have SNL to look forward to on weekends. I wonder how people could ever survive without comedy.
Laurie Nelson
Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Your article was fantastic. Almost every line made me giggle and remember something else from past SNL shows. Remembering Chevy Chase making those faces and gestures behind Jane Curtin's back can still make me laugh out loud. Please say you'll do another article using the pictures and stories you had to leave out. In the meantime, thanks for the memories.
Nancy A. Cotter
Wolcott, Conn.

Being a dedicated fan, I was excited to see a cover story on SNL. Your list of favorites was debatable though. No one can ever re-create the original magic of John, Gilda and the others, but the current cast and Emmy-winning writing team are setting a new standard of excellence. There is a lot more to Dana Carvey than the Church Lady, and the finely tuned performances of Nora Dunn and Phil Hartman, combined with the humor of Jon Lovitz, have brought SNL back to the top level, where it belongs.
Maurene Drew
Los Angeles

In 19 pages, you didn't give any mention to the brightest and often overlooked member of the current SNL cast: Jan Hooks. Not only is she a great comedian, but she's sexy too—and that's rare.
Timothy D. Beagley
Walnut Creek, Calif.

After reading your article about Dexter Manley, I was filled with compassion and respect for a man that I despised with a passion. (I am the No. 1 Dallas Cowboy fan in America.) While I was totally shocked to learn he was illiterate, I was also shocked that someone so cocky and outspoken could not only admit he has a serious problem, but have the courage to do something about it.
Elaine M. Krueger
San Antonio

In regard to the picture on page 40: Bruce Hornsby, a "British rocker"? Please, if you need someone from the Old Dominion to export to the U.K., why not Jerry Falwell? Bruce Hornsby is from Virginia—that's just the way it is.
Steve Buchanan
Centreville, Va.

Sorry y'all.—ED.

Suse Lowenstein is doing a wonderful thing using her talent to remember her son Alex. I'm sure it must be a helpful outlet for her grief. However, I hope that in all both she and her husband are doing to help lobby for improved airport security, they do not forget about Lucas, their remaining son, who is alive.
Sandra L. Johnson
Westport, Conn.

I hope to God that I will never have to experience the anguish I see in the sculptures of Suse Lowenstein. I hope with all my heart that through her magnificent work she finds some peace.
Valerie S. Selman
Westford, Mass.

You performed a great service to your readers by revealing the dishonorable conduct of both Pan Am and the U.S. government in not sending representatives to attend the return of the remains of victims of Flight 103.
Vern Shafer
Incline Village, Nev.

There is irony and hypocrisy in Tom Monaghan's comments about abortion and about the deaths related to his 30-minute pizza delivery. He sends money to the pro-life movement because he can just not stand by and "watch innocent people murdered." Yet he refuses to abolish his delivery policy, which has been directly responsible for 20 deaths in 1988. Were the employees who were killed just not "innocent" enough?
Ellie Ann Nicholas
Kendall Park, N.J.

I wish the lady who lost her son would stop taking her frustrations out on Domino's Pizza. I have been a Domino's driver for two years, and I have never been pressured to speed by anyone. It is not worth a $35 speeding ticket just to save Tom Monaghan $3. You can't blame unsafe driving on anything except the person behind the wheel.
Kristene R. Hammond
Hampton, Va.

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