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updated 09/08/1997 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/08/1997 AT 01:00 AM EDT

>Linda Dano


AT 54, LINDA DANO LOOKS AS IF SHE HAS never had a bad hair day—let alone a bad anything day. Not so, says the Emmy Award-winning actress (best known as Felicia Gallant on NBC's Another World), who has written Looking Great...(Putnam, $22.95), a nuts-and-bolts beauty guide for women. "I know all the things they're scared about," says Dano (who cowrote the book with journalist Anne Kyle). "I talk about my fat body and my hanging, arms..."

As well as the upkeep of her wrinkling face. Yet there are inexpensive ways to achieve good looks, says Dano, who offers a practical approach to everything from assembling a stylish wardrobe to applying makeup.("Eyeliner is only for those with very steady hands," she writes.) Creating the right look is important, she says, and can greatly add to a woman's self-esteem. "I think putting makeup on is part of the whole process of making life just a little bit nicer," she says. "It's an attention to detail and to yourself. Otherwise we just run amok."

And, if all else fails, says Dano (who is married to advertising executive Frank Attardi and lives in Connecticut), there is nothing wrong with a little facelift, something that she is planning to undergo on Oct. 20. "I love Georgia O'Keeffe; it's okay to get older," she. says—unless you're a soap opera star. "Occasionally, when I make the mistake of seeing myself on-camera, I go, 'Aaaagh, I really must get something done.' "

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