Picks and Pans Review: Girls on Film, Explains Lise Carrigg, Had Its Genesis in a Homework Assignment: She Had to Create a Personal Web Site. While Her Classmates Scanned in Photos of Their Pets or Their Weddings, the New York University Telecommunication

updated 09/22/1997 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/22/1997 AT 01:00 AM EDT

work and not get paid for any of it?' "

Two years later, Carrigg, 27, Goldman, 26, and two fellow Vassar College buddies, Clare Bundy, 28, and Andrea "Dre" Pyros, 26, are getting paid for their chatty, cheeky film talk. In February, the site (www.girlsonfilm.com) was acquired by Concrete Media, a New York City new-media firm, which hired the four to run it. The site, whose subtitle is Chicks, Flicks, Politicks, draws about 80,000 hits a week, many to the contentious bulletin boards where the Girls defend their opinions. ("G.I. Jane," wrote Goldman, "reminds me of those extreme sports events that are always on ESPN2...extreme one-arm push-ups, extreme training...extremely unnecessary cigar smoking.") Webhead Roger Ebert gives thumbs up: "They're good writers and entertaining."

Thanks to a syndication deal, the Girls' reviews are also running in three newspapers—ironic, says Carrigg, because "when we started, we couldn't even get into one press screening, ever. We were so garage, we could say whatever we wanted." Now, she says, that independent streak has "become the thing that people really love about us."

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