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updated 11/17/1997 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/17/1997 AT 01:00 AM EST

It was happy days again for TV producer-writer Garry Marshall (with director-sister Penny, the former star of big bro's hit sitcom Laverne & Shirley) as he was inducted into the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Hall of Fame in Los Angeles. "My father would get up and stand in front of the TV, block the screen and tell us, 'Go do your homework,' " recalled Marshall. "My father was the first V-chip."

Every diva has her divot, as pop star Celine Dion demonstrated at VH1's Fairway to Heaven benefit in Las Vegas. "I just started playing three months ago, and I'm completely hooked," says Dion. "So far my best game is 111. Hopefully I'll break 100 next year."

Keeping up the tenor of things at London's Gramophone magazine awards, Beatle-turned-symphony composer Paul McCartney hit a high note with honoree Luciano Pavarotti.

First the sheep, now the Shepherd. In New York City, Cybill—or should it be Sybil?—cloned around with her alter ego, a wax statue en route to Madame Tussaud's in London. "Now when I don't feel like going someplace," said Shepherd, "I can send my wax figure."

It wasn't exactly his swan song, but blues man Bruce Willis-serenaded a pink flamingo at Plane Hollywood in Fort Lauderdale. Willis's next I thriller, The Jackal, opens Nov. 14.

Little big man Dustin Hoffman didn't get mad, he got even—more than even, in fact—with 5'9" actress Charlize Theron (Devil's Advocate) as the 5'6" actor sampled the view from on high at the L.A. premiere of his new hostage drama Mad City, which costars the 6' John Travolta.

"I won!" proclaimed skater Scott Hamilton (above), who, having recovered from testicular cancer, appeared at the Forum in L.A. for his CBS special Scott Hamilton: Back on the Ice. Kevin Nealon (third from left) cheered him on, as did Jack Nicholson (below) and his daughter Lorraine, 7.

You'd think models would get tired of dressing up, but Halloween awakens dark urges—like those of Kate Moss (below), who cohosted her annual bash in Manhattan with Naomi Campbell. Other hobnobbin' hobgoblins were newlyweds Donovan Leitch (left), the singer, and model Kirsty Hume.

In Manhattan a bedeviled Bette Midler saw red, i.e., MTV's Chris Hardwick, at a party that raised more than $1 million for Midler's New York Restoration Project benefiting city parks.

Phantom of the nightclub Laurence Fishburne didn't let a little nick on the forehead scare him away from a bash celebrating Jane's Addiction's latest album, Kettle Whistle, in New York City.

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