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First my doctor retires. Then my wonderful dentist packs it in. Then my favorite local restaurant closes its doors. Now the Seinfeld show is calling it quits? I can't take any more. What is this about "quitting while you're on top"? Who made that rule?
HELEN COCHAND, Janesville, Wis.

A year ago my new boyfriend and I went on our first trip and I was nervous about how to keep the conversation going. Seinfeld came up and we laughed until we wept, for four straight hours. Seinfeld bonded us, and now we're engaged. The gang had a huge impact on our relationship...and now, what...they're leaving us? How can they do this to me and my marriage? What are we going to talk about?
D. LANCASTER, Baltimore

I swear that I tried to watch the show to see what all the hype was about and I ended up a half-hour later still completely puzzled and disappointed. Life after Seinfeld? I'm already saying, "Jerry who?"
Fort McMurray, Alta.

Yes, Seinfeld is a great show, but enough already with the melodramatic tributes, the overreaction and comparing the final show to death. Reality check: It is a 30-minute sitcom. For those who cannot imagine life without Seinfeld, I have one word: syndication!
Copperas Cove, Texas

There have been many reasons to lose faith in the judicial system recently—the O.J. trial, the Boston nanny trial, etc. But no judicial decision has affected me with as much dismay as the slap on the wrist given the two monsters who brutally killed the cats in Iowa. Had I been the judge I would have let the sentence fit the crime. Lock Chad Lamansky and Daniel Myers in a room, render them totally defenseless and have them beaten with a baseball bat. Then call it a misdemeanor.
MEGAN TAINER, Marblehead, Mass.

People who torture animals are sociopaths who have no feeling for the suffering of other living creatures. Hasn't Judge Wilson ever heard of Jeffrey Dahmer? How about we drop these "two young men" at his honor's house?
C.E. MAZEIKA, Tucson

I was outraged that these two did not receive prison time! What is to stop these criminals from moving up to bludgeoning dogs or even humans!
M. CORDER, Batavia, Ohio

After reading your article on Tim Green and his quest to find his birth mother, I couldn't believe that not one line was dedicated to the adoptive parents who raised this superman from birth. I find it hard to believe that Tim Green's success story over the past 34 years was genetic. I am glad Tim found his birth mother, but a responsible article also would have touched on the fact that his adoptive parents were the real find.

Time and again adoptees are portrayed as tormented people walking around with big holes in their hearts. While that may be true of some, it obviously must make for better reading than the adoptees who have happy, fulfilling lives. I have known for most of my 38 years that I am adopted. I have never felt rejected or unwanted by my birth mother; in fact, I am eternally grateful for her courageous decision. And like Tim Green's children, I have no doubt who my parents are: the two wonderful people who have been there for me and loved me all my life, my mom and dad.

The photo layout in this article was tasteless and inappropriate. Though Chris Farley's alcohol and drug use was an important part of the article, a pictorial history of his downfall was excessive. First and foremost, he was a comedian who made everyone laugh. We should respect his death and the loss suffered by his family and fans.
TED KIM, via e-mail

I would like to thank you for an honest story about the tragic death of another young and talented Hollywood actor. I only hope that his peers and all the people who share the same demons he had will honor his memory by asking for the help he so desperately needed.

Thank you for running the letter from Mickey Hartshorn, who sought the help of Parents Anonymous to break the cycle of child abuse in her family. We have been getting a wonderful response to the letter, but we are concerned that people who want to reach us will not know how. Our national number is 909-621-6184.
Parents Anonymous, Claremont, Calif.

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