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Thank you so much for your wonderful story on the Titanic! I may be only 15, but I know a fabulous film when I see it. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are two of Hollywood's finest young actors, and James Cameron is an absolute genius!
TERESA PEPAJ, Downey, Calif.

I loved your article on true stories from the Titanic. Ever since I saw the movie, I wanted to know if James Cameron made up some of the characters. Now I know that some were real, and it makes me appreciate the movie even more.
LAUREN SABOL, via e-mail

I was disappointed that your otherwise fine feature left out Thomas Andrews, Titanic's chief designer, whose humanity and self-sacrifice during the ship's final hours were recounted with admiration by many survivors. Victor Garber's sensitive portrayal of Andrews is also high up on the long list of reasons to see this remarkable film.
TOM LUDWIG, North Bergen, N.J.

Although J. Bruce Ismay's relative sniffs at the thought of him being portrayed as the movie Titanic's "bad guy," let's remember a few facts. It was brought to Ismay's attention on several occasions that the ship should have more lifeboats. He rejected the idea, thinking they would simply clutter the appearance of the ship. In the end, like a coward, he took his place in one of the few lifeboats and survived. Although it appears that Captain Smith didn't heed the many warnings, he at least remained a true man of the sea and went down with his ship.

I wish this family well, yet I can't help my mixed feelings. Parents getting eight hours of sleep a night? Two hours alone each morning? A whole Sunday to themselves? Friday nights for "vegging"? And Kenny McCaughey still has time to retreat to his father's house after work? Please! Who is raising these kids? I hope Bobbi and Kenny know just how lucky they are. I plan to show this article to my husband one day when I get a chance to share some downtime with him—maybe when our kids are at college!
DEE CHIPLOCK, Waldorf, Md.

Maybe I'd be better rested if I had seven babies instead of two.

It seems that the more children you bring into the world these days, the less you're responsible for. Reading your article on the McCaugheys' septuplets, it became apparent to me that the town of Carlisle is raising those babies, not their parents.

I wish people would stop judging the McCaugheys for the decision they made to deliver all seven babies. I don't believe anyone can say what they would do in this situation unless they were faced with the exact same decision. Everyone should be thankful that things turned out for the McCaugheys as well as they did.
S. MUELLER, Spring Valley, Ohio

I know Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey don't want a lot of attention, so I just want to say how much I appreciated being able to see their beautiful babies, healthy and happy at home.
JANA MUTCH, Charlottetown, P.E.I.

More power to Ina Brown, the state of Florida and any others out there who have had enough of American Family Publishers. The consumer is sick of the misleading practice of selling magazines through the veil of a winning sweepstakes entry. I have learned to throw this trash in the garbage unopened.
Merritt Island, Fla.

If you look at a product—any product—and read only the big letters, you are simply asking for trouble. It's called advertising, and it's used to sell everything from magazines to professional services. I don't think I'll sue Slim Fast because I didn't lose weight fast while drinking their shakes. Get real!
LAURA DUNNE, Petaluma, Calif.

I have two words for the many readers who wrote negative things about Tara Lipinski: Lighten up. I'm sorry, but since when is it a crime to cheer and be happy for yourself when you win? I just don't understand how a person can be labeled "obnoxious" because she is happy about her performance and loves to compete. Tara is a role model to me because she has sent the message that you can be whatever you want, regardless of age. I admire that and don't understand why people just can't be happy for her. Weren't you all kids once?

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