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Oscar Style
Your Oscar issue was fabulous! I look forward to it every year. The best part is seeing the great fashions and beautiful jewels worn by the stars. The pictures of the post-Oscar parties gave us a glance at the part of the evening that we viewers cannot experience.
Karine Areakelian, Montreal

Oh, boy! More underwearless female celebrities! Perhaps you should report on those who still wear it to give the public a more palatable standard to which we can aspire. Or at least give women equal erotic day-dream opportunity by reporting on underwearless male celebrities.
Christine Clark, Fayetteville, N.Y.

As glum as it gets is more like it. There were a few exceptions, but for the most part what dull, boring, lifeless clothes! Julianne Moore and Sigourney Weaver looked as if they were wearing dresses that they made in home-ec class, and Helen Hunt looked as if she borrowed her bathroom shower curtain. And their friends were right when they told Helena Bonham Carter, Kate Winslet and Kim Basinger that they could wear their bridesmaids' dresses again someday.

It's great to know we can still depend on Cher's outrageous sense of style and humor. In a roomful of Prada, Gucci and other trendy designers, a Mackie-Cher reunion was long overdue.
Eddie Casson, Winter Park, Fla.

Am I the only person that felt Cher's Oscar night outfit was true to the theme of the evening? Her headdress looked like the front of the Titanic.
Sloan Cunningham, Santa Fe

What puzzles me is that these stars have loads of money, can buy nice things to wear and usually don't. Like what in the name of God is that thing on Cher's head?
Maressa Smallwood, via e-mail

If Madonna is trying to reinvent herself, she needs to go back to the drawing board!
Kate Kleinert, Glenolden, Pa.

I think it was very bad taste for Ashley Judd to wear a dress slit to her crotch, especially with her Christian mother in the audience. There's a way to be a sexy lady, but she just doesn't get it.
Janet Bockus, Placerville, Calif.

Am I the only one who thinks Sigourney Weaver, Celine Dion and Helen Hunt looked ill and underweight? And normal, smashingly healthy-looking Kate Winslet has problems finding work? Hello?
Dr. Bernhard M. Schilling, Cambridge, Mass.

Hooray for Kate Winslet. She is one of the best examples of a positive body image in Hollywood today. I hope all teenagers and waiflike actresses and models sit up and take notice that women can eat, have breasts and still be beautiful and end up cheek to cheek with the likes of Leonardo.
T. Church, London, Ont.

In case you were wondering, the "unidentified reveler" with Billy Zane and Frances Fisher at the Governor's Ball was Rochelle Rose, who portrayed the Countess of Rothes in Titanic.
Natalie Wakefield, via e-mail

How could you have a best-dressed list and not put Jack Nicholson on it? He was the best-looking man at the Oscars. I'm only 14, but I have seen enough award shows to know what style is, and Jack's got it.
Megan Jenkins, Greenfield, Ohio

How totally disgusting! I had to flip through 105 pages before getting to any real substance in this issue. Do we really have that much fascination with overblown egos and what they are wearing? Give me a break!
Elaine A. Hall, Hemet, Calif.

I was sooo happy to see this week's PEOPLE! I stayed up late at my new store rearranging the Beanie Babies and completely missed my favorite event of the year. Your issue helped me visualize the evening.
Jeannine Twardus, Newark, Del.

Your issue should have been titled "As Bare As It Gets." Excuse me, but is there an embargo on underwear and panty hose in Hollywood?
Karen Boldizar, Glendale, N.Y.

Dalai Lama
I enjoyed your coverage of the Oscars, with all the glitz and glamor, but by the time I finished I was truly gratified to find the Dalai Lama's enlightened visage. May we remember the eternal and vast values represented by the "Ocean of Wisdom" when we are tempted to compare our lives with those of the glittering array of movie stars.
Sophia Roberts, Carmel Valley, Calif.

Cat Stevens
I suppose it is a fine thing that proceeds from Cat Stevens's—now Yusuf Islam's—music are going to benefit war victims in Bosnia. I firmly agree that "music has a place in our lives," and I suppose his opinion that it be for a noble objective is commendable. It seems just a tad hypocritical coming from the same man who supported the Ayatollah-ordained assassination order against author Salman Rushdie.
Meg Lindsay, Los Angeles

Angela Christiano
As the mother of a 24-year-old daughter who was diagnosed one year ago with alopecia areata, I want Angela Christiano to know that I, for one, truly appreciate her research. My daughter is gorgeous but now thinks that she is a freak and will never marry or even be able to work if this progresses any further. This disorder robs you of all your self-confidence. I know that while who you are is not based on your hair, it can be devastating. And telling her, "It's only hair" doesn't help. Hurry, Angela! Find a cure!
Name Withheld

Please inform your readers that they can contact the National Alopecia Areata Foundation for more information and support.
Fred Wahl, Public Information Officer, National Alopecia Areata Foundation, 710 "C" Street, #11 San Rafael, Calif. 94901

Julia Hill
Hooray for Julia! Sitting for months in a magnificent 1,000-year-old redwood to keep Pacific Lumber from cutting it down.... Now there is commitment. Saving beauty for the next generation is a heroic thing to do. Keep up the grand work, Julia. As soon as I retire (which isn't too far off), I'll be up there with you! Lynell Fay, Oceanside, Calif.

If Julia Hill succeeded in closing down the Pacific Lumber Company, I doubt she would hang around to try and help any of the 1,600 workers directly affected by the shutdown. Pacific Lumber does more for our country than a tree full of Julia Hills.
Donald Fregeau Jr., Fortuna, Calif.

Boy, how nice it must be to sit in a redwood tree all day and not work. I just hope the lumberjacks remember to yell "Timberrrr!" before knocking Julia out of her perch.
Tammi Jensen, Turlock, Calif.

Star Tracks
Call me crazy, but I happen to think looking a bit "dowdy," as Lisa Rinna puts it, while you are pregnant is better than looking like a streetwalker who forgot to take her birth-control pills. Why do some celebrities insist on wearing the same tight outfits they wear when they aren't pregnant?
Debbie Brisentine, Galloway, Ohio

To those complaining about the help Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey are getting from the people of Carlisle, Iowa: I'd bet my children that the McCaugheys haven't asked for all the help that allows them to get rest and spend time together. That's just how small-town Iowa is—we take care of each other. Sure, the town of Carlisle may be helping raise those children, but remember, it does take a village!
Cynthia Scherrman Sueppel Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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