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updated 09/07/1998 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/07/1998 AT 01:00 AM EDT

52 Cover
As Hillary Clinton tries to deal with her philandering husband, she's traveling ground already covered by a slew of celebrity wives

60 Up Front
Breaking 30 years of silence, Bob Stringer helps bring a notorious Ku Klux Klan leader to justice

67 Happy
Singers Victoria "Posh Spice" Adams and Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown reportedly are moms-to-be

70 In the Money
Jeff Bezos's Seattle-based Web site,, does big-time business helping change the way people buy books

73 Arts
How better to celebrate Wisconsin's 150th anniversary than with an amazing 10-acre maze in a cornfield?

75 To the Top
After longtime success on their home turf, Canadian rockers Barenaked Ladies finally ride a wave of humor to stardom south of the border

77 Crime
Three years after the deaths of five young men shook a Connecticut town, ex-landlord Geoffrey Ferguson is tried and convicted of the murders

83 Farewell
In a long career playing politicians, presidents, lawyers and doctors, E.G. Marshall was every inch the professional

85 On the Move
She plays a quirky character in Slums of Beverly Hills, but for actress Natasha Lyonne, true life is far stranger than fiction

86 Split
Former TV Superman Dean Cain and country music star Mindy McCready find that romance can be super sometimes, but also short-lived

90 Excerpt
In her new autobiography, fashion designer Catherine Walker recalls her best customer: Princess Diana

99 Good Guys
Cancer patient Peter Partaker, 11, feared losing his home, until commodities trader Jim Place came to the rescue

103 Sequel
After signing off the air as a WKRP in Cincinnati deejay 16 years ago, Tim Reid has jockeyed into a new job—as head of his own studio

109 Family
Like the hero of Saving Private Ryan, Sgt. Frederick Niland was sent home from battle when his brothers died in the D-Day invasion

114 On the Job
For beach expert Dr. Stephen Leatherman, life is a shore thing

117 Pages
In Bitter Pills, journalist Stephen Fried warns about adverse drug reactions affecting some 2 million Americans each year—and thinks of the one that afflicted his own wife

121 Song
Luther Vandross has given up on his weight problem but not on his hope for finding love. The crooner unleashes a new album, and some attitude

129 Screen
Five years after his brother River's death, Joaquin Phoenix braces for fame himself

133 Where Are They Now?
She was a dirt-poor kid in Little House on the Prairie, but now Melissa Anderson is living happily in a big house far from Hollywood

137 Pols
Former Miss Universe Irene Saez hits the campaign trail in her bid to become Venezuela's first woman president

140 Style
Judi Boisson's homey, hand-stitched quilts are the cover-ups of choice for such celebs as Helen Hunt and Kim Basinger

8 Mailbag
14 Scoop
22 Star Tracks
29 Picks & Pans
51 Insider
89 Passages
106 Style Watch
126 Puzzler
144 Chatter

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