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Diana's World
Just as I remember where I was when she was married, I remember where I was when she died. As a teenager I watched the fairy-tale wedding, and as an adult I watched the funeral. Although I know that you will get backlash for putting Diana on your cover again, it was a fitting tribute. Diana was a mother who loved her children dearly. She would be so proud of the way her boys have matured in the last year, and yes, she would be happy for the way that Prince Charles now shows his love for them. That Prince William and Prince Harry are showing support for Camilla Parker Bowles would probably make Diana unhappy, but as she knew better than anyone—life goes on.
Melissa Mosher, Duluth, Ga.

I believe you showed poor taste in putting Camilla on the cover. Diana's sons did not need to see this. The young princes are already having Camilla shoved down their throats by their father. I know they will be gracious, as Diana has taught them, but they will always dislike Camilla. They know what she did to their parents' marriage.
Stephanie Bozzuto, via e-mail.

It is awful that the people of England are beginning to accept Camilla, since it is she and Charles who are responsible for the pain and humiliation that Diana suffered. William and Harry are getting to know Camilla, not because they want to but because of the values instilled in them by their mother and the need to make their father happy. I agreed with Diana on almost everything except her nickname for Camilla. I think rottweilers are prettier.
Gigi Frattaroli, Port Chester, N.Y.

Diana was a breath of fresh air in a stodgy royal family. Prince Charles is a spoiled, self-centered, self-indulgent man who as a bachelor, a married man and a divorcé has carried on for years with the married Camilla and the finally divorced Camilla. They deserve each other.
Connie Sanders, San Bruno, Calif.

A woman who can manipulate the future King of England without raising a royal eyebrow is a serious threat. Wake up, Queen Elizabeth—Camilla will quietly bring down the House of Windsor!
G. Marshall, Vancouver

If Prince Charles had kept his pants up, Princess Diana might still be alive today. If he even considers marrying the tasteless Camilla, the people should disown him. Sandra Murray, Indianapolis

Hillary Clinton was an inspiration, showing that women can be intelligent, financially stable with or without a man and still be a good mother and role model. Now she looks like a throw rug that Bill can walk on whenever he wants. I find her nothing but a pathetic portrayal to women of all ages. She just set us back about a hundred years.
Stacey Gottsch, Elkhorn, Neb.

She is acting like an old '50s wife. Stand by your man, indeed. National humiliation is more like it. Get a backbone, Hillary! Life is too short to spend with a cheater!
Andy Corona, Edmonds, Wash.

"Naive" is not an adjective I would use to describe Hillary Clinton. Yet I think you actually want your readers to believe that Hillary was shocked to find out that Bill Clinton had an inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Come on! I am a 16-year-old high school student and I figured it out. But Hillary the eloquent attorney was clueless? I don't think so.
Susan Renee Kornesczuk, Wheaton, Ill.

Hillary calculates every move she makes, including her decision to feign ignorance of Bill's affair with. Ms. Lewinsky. And why not? Her public approval ratings soared to 60 percent after the scandal broke.
Mary Onnezi Zarnowski, Downers Grove, Ill.

Bill and Hillary are partners in power, not partners in bed, so don't try to con the American people into feeling sorry for Hillary. The only Clintons I feel sorry for are Chelsea and Socks.
Susan P. Strohmeyer, Houston

Poor Chelsea will never really know that husbands are supposed to be faithful, because she grew up in a home with a father with a history of sexual shenanigans and a very educated mom who put up with it. Hillary should set a better example for her daughter instead of saving her husband's political career. A woman should stand by her man only if he's worth it.
D.C. Gonzales, El Paso

Mrs. Clinton understands what marriage and commitment are all about. It's a shame the President hasn't caught on!
Amber Hannasch, Phoenix

I am sick and tired of these feminist leaders saying "all men do it," or, as Zsa Zsa Gabor says in your article, "You know men." I've got news for all you Clinton apologists—all men do not do it. For all the Bill Clintons of this world, there are thousands of us who remain faithful to our wives forever. While this may seem to be old-fashioned in the eyes of these supposedly enlightened celebrities and leaders, we faithful guys are in the majority. Please quit insulting us by lumping us all with bums like Bill Clinton.
Brent Charlton, Versailles, Ky.

I admire Hillary Clinton now more than ever. She is truly a remarkable, intelligent and loyal wife and a super mother. Leave her alone, and she will continue to be one. Right now she is hurt and has a right to be, but she is committed to keeping her marriage together.
Sara James, Nashville

Mia Tyler
I enjoyed the article on Steven Tyler's daughter Mia, who is now a plus-size model, and thought how wonderful that full-size women are considered beautiful too. Imagine my astonishment when I read that Mia is 5'7½" and weighs 145 lbs.! I am 5'7¾" and weigh 145. I wear a size 8 in junior's and sometimes a 6 in women's sizes. Have I been shopping in the wrong stores? Do I need to start wearing plus sizes? Something is very wrong with this picture.
Jennifer Scarborough, Gloucester, Va.

Does everyone above a size 2 now qualify as plus size? I hope this was a misprint.
Sarah Parker, via e-mail

Surely Lane Bryant had nothing small enough to fit Mia Tyler.
Lisa Baldwin, Nashville

Having Lane Bryant portray a 5'7½", 145-lb. woman as plus size only enforces the misconception that all women must be as thin as the waifs seen on the runways. In fact, in the real world, Mia Tyler would be considered average. The company would do better to put their clothing on models who truly depict the large-size woman, not a model who looks as if a size 16 would fall off her body.
Beth Ballard, Memphis

Mia Tyler is a real role model that healthy girls can look up to. All the young women out there should take note that a beautiful woman does not have to be skin and bones. Mia you're gorgeous! Thanks, PEOPLE, for introducing us to a true beauty. A.C. Fogg, Wilder, Idaho

Happy Birthday
I turned 40 in May, and it devastated me. I had an image of what 40 was and that was not what I wanted to be. Now I see that being 40 does not mean that I have to stop listening to rock music or wearing funky clothes. It looks as if we are going to be the generation that makes being 40 cool!
Leslie Glassman, Phoenix

"Lordy, lordy, look who's 40"—me! But knowing what great company I am in made this one of the better birthdays I have had. Once again, PEOPLE not only made my week but also the "fortysomething" decade to come. Angelia Dickinson, Spring, Texas

You left out Richard Burgi, star of The Sentinel. This man has a body like a brick wall! If my ex-husband had looked this good at 20 we would probably still be together.
Sharon Dedman, Louisville, Ky.

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