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60 Up Front
Remarkable purely for their altruism, ordinary Americans, including a boiler mechanic, reach deep into shallow pockets to aid others

68 Displaying a breezy self-confidence reminiscent of his mother, Princess Diana, Prince Harry charmed the crowd his first day at Eton

70 With his 1959 bestseller Advise and Consent, Allen Drury was the father of the Washington, D.C., novel

75 Tragedy
After a midair disaster that downed their flight off the coast of Canada, victims of Swissair 111 live on in the words of family and friends

81 Pages
Adding two bestsellers to a growing list, Texas-bred Sandra Brown writes her own ticket to Unspeakable success

86 Discovery
Two decades after his purchase, collector David Wyatt finds he has the very earliest Disney cartoon

89 Sequel
Rev. Sun Myung Moon's family problems—including a daughter's messy battle for custody of her kids—are tarnishing the clan's image

95 Family
Raised in separate foster homes, sisters Lynn Price and Andi Andree reunite other siblings who have suffered the same split

103 Screen
Merchant-Ivory's new leading man Kris Kristofferson finds tranquillity at last with his wife and five kids on idyllic Maui

113 Song
With her haunting fifth album, hailed by many critics as a masterpiece, Grammy-winner Lucinda Williams is no longer an insiders' secret

117 Medics
Mary Mundinger created a clinic where nurse practitioners, not doctors, are the ones scribbling the prescriptions

121 Scene
In Connecticut's Museum of the Bizarre, a two-headed calf is just one of the eye-catchers

123 Trouble
An invasion of federally protected vultures has turned Dan and Carol O'Byrne's dream house into a Hitchcockian nightmare

132 Cover
Hollywood's hottest new role for celebs including Jodie Foster, Uma Thurman and Elle Macpherson requires a diaper bag

142 On the Job
Climatologist Randall Cerveny's research suggests that in every life some rain must fall—especially on weekends

145 To the Top
Joan Roncarelli marshaled volunteers—including the Queen—to stitch Britain's longest historical tapestry

149 Where Are They Now?
Her Wonder Years behind her, Danica McKellar has an amazing new role: She's a hotshot mathematician

155 Adventure
South Carolina retiree Dan Taylor seeks Nessie—with a homemade sub

157 Crime
Authorities say they know what happened to Marie Noe's babies—and they've charged her with murder

167 Tube
Nobody disses West Side Story alumna Rita Moreno, 66, who plays a streetwise nun on HBO's Oz

171 Angels
Loretta Thomas-Davis assuages her grief over the murder of her daughter by starting a scholarship fund

175 In His Own Words
Struggling with feelings of loneliness, American boys are in crisis, says psychiatrist William Pollack

180 Jocks
Mark McGwire bashes his way into baseball history

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10 Scoop
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59 Insider
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164 Puzzler
184 Chatter

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