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updated 09/28/1998 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/28/1998 AT 01:00 AM EDT

58 Cover
It was Happy 50th! to the Emmy Awards as a new venue and a slew of stars helped make the show an ultraglamorous affair

66 Up Front
Alabama Gov. George Wallace rode the race issue to national prominence

77 Angels
Through his pacemaker recovery program, retired Montana firefighter Bill Daem makes sure the beat goes on

80 Farewell
After risking his life covering wars, uprisings and hurricanes, CNN ace reporter John Holliman dies at 49 in a car crash near his home

83 Kin
Sally Field's kid Peter Craig writes a well-received novel, proving he's more than just the Flying Nun's son

86 On the Job
He may not be able to leap tall buildings, but Charles Rozanski is helping to lift comic books to new heights

91 Where Are They Now?
The People's Court judge Joseph Wapner is loving retirement—and his comeback on cable's Animal Planet

94 Introducing
With his first album, rocker Adam Cohen steps out of singer-poet dad Leonard Cohen's imposing shadow

97 Host
Entertaining, says Nathalie Dupree, doesn't have to be stressful; it should be, well, entertaining

101 Crusaders
Small-town journalists Goodloe and Jean Sutton stake their family newspaper against a crooked sheriff—and send him to jail

106 Sequel
President Clinton is not the first American to have sought the nation's forgiveness. A look at past public apologies shows that, sometimes, they work

112 Arts
Russian artists Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid have made a lucrative career gauging the common person's art taste

115 Jocks
Racing for the home run record, slugger Sammy Sosa graciously defers to his pal Mark McGwire—but his bat has other ideas

139 Controversy
David Cash broke no law when he failed to stop his friend from murdering a little girl—but her grieving mother wants him punished

145 Pols
Political novice Geoffrey Fieger—Dr. Kevorkian's lawyer—wages a no-holds-barred campaign to unseat Michigan's governor

149 Winners
Perennial tennis also-ran Lindsay Davenport sheds about 30 pounds—and deprives Martina Hingis of the U.S. Open title

157 Pages
His daughter's memoir and a major new biography recall pioneering aviator Charles Lindbergh's extraordinary life of triumph, tragedy and controversy

167 Song
With a platinum album and No. 1 single, country music's rockin' Dixie Chicks are taking flight

170 Update
Her legs may never work again, but Chinese gymnast Sang Lan still has her spirit

6 Mailbag
10 Scoop
18 Star Tracks
29 Picks & Pans
57 Insider
105 Passages
153 Style Watch
154 Puzzler
174 Chatter

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