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updated 10/26/1998 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 10/26/1998 AT 01:00 AM EST

52 Special Report
From Betty Ford to Peggy Fleming, 11 famous women share their fears—and celebrate their triumphs—over breast cancer

68 New drug therapies and improved surgical techniques are promising increased hope in the fight against the disease

81 In the Spotlight
How does straight actor Eric McCormack manage to play a gay lawyer on Will & Grace With aplomb

85 Where Are They Now?
The Fall Guy's Heather Thomas survives her days as an '80s sex symbol to become one of Hollywood's hottest screenwriters

88 Click!
Quarterback-turned-model Marty Cherry shows he's more than a pretty face among the huddled masses

97 Food
Don't tell Ronald McDonald, but fast-food fancier Todd Wilbur's cookbooks decode the secret recipes of America's favorite snacks

100 Controversy
Video-store owners Don and Carol Biesinger took on a Titanic foe when they began editing out the film's two steamiest scenes

103 Host
California's Wine Brats aim to help gen Xers raise their glasses smart

107 Crusaders
Forty-five years after her uncle was hanged, Maria Bentley-Dingwall wins a reversal of his conviction

114 Bio
Septuagenarian space pioneer John Glenn prepares to thrill a new generation

123 On the Move
Marie Wilson, Laura Liswood and Barbara Lee want a woman in the White House—and they don't mean as First Lady

124 Farewell
The designer of the stiletto heel, Roger Vivier, kept devotees of his fabulous footwear on their toes

127 Introducing
Beloved's Kimberly Elise overcomes the racial isolation of her Minnesota childhood to find fulfillment

129 To the Top
David Mark's flower power dazzles the likes of Spielberg and Streisand

133 Tragedy
Margaret Ray, David Letterman's infamous stalker, ends a tormented life

138 Happy
The truth about cats and dogs whose owners have died is that they love Dr. Henry Presnal's care

141 Pages
In Winning with Integrity sports superagent Leigh Steinberg offers tips on getting what you want

145 In His Own Words
Worrying too much can be unhealthy, says psychiatrist Edward Hallowell—but you can keep it from spinning out of control

153 Coping
Family and friends rally round as tennis great Rod Laver mends from a stroke

158 Scene
Three decades after Jacqueline Onassis fought to rescue Grand Central Terminal, her dream comes true

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8 Inside People
10 Scoop
18 Star Tracks
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51 Insider
111 Style Watch
113 Passages
150 Puzzler
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