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updated 11/16/1998 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/16/1998 AT 01:00 AM EST

56 Up Front
African-Americans like Bob Lee, Katie Brown Bennett and Bernadette Pulley-Pruitt are finding inspiring links with their ancestors

62 Carved in rock several millennia ago, a breathtaking etching of giraffes is discovered in the Sahara by photographer David Coulson

64 After surviving a heartrending accident during last year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Manhattan mom Kathy Caronna struggles to reclaim her life

191 Controversy
Painter Daniel Shay insists that "drawing while driving" is simply artistic license—but others think he's on the road to disaster

194 Crime
In one of the greatest manhunts in U.S. history, the FBI scours the hills of North Carolina for suspected bomber Eric Rudolph

The Sexiest Man A Live '98

71 Introduction

73 Teen Idols Of the '90s
A gallery of faces an physiques that have fueled youthful fantasies

79 The Sexiest Man Alive, 1998
With devilish charm and the heart of an old-fashioned hero, % Harrison Ford is a clear and present dazzler

88 12 Sexy Men
In every walk of life, we found guys to get worked up over:

88 Mark McGrath

91 Elvis Grbac

93 Carson Daly

94 Mark Vanderloo

97 David Breashears

98 Peter Phillips

101 Usher

103 John f, Kennedy Jr.

104 Kenneth Cole

106 Gory Allan

107 Ingo Rademacher

110 Steven Petersen

112 My First Crush
Cameron Diaz, Dylan McDermott, Cindy Crawford and others fess up

120 Who Says Hair Matters?
Michael Jordan, Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis lead the breathtakingly bald brigade

124 Fathers and Sons
Jimmy Smits, John Irving and other winsome dads reveal in words and gestures the bond they share with their boys

133 Imported 1998
Hot new stars like Scotsman Dougray Ever After Scott and Croatian Goran Practical Magic Visnjic show the value of foreign exchange

145 Most Wanted
Famous women identify who's sexiest—and Antonio Banderas, Vince Vaughn and Matt Damon stand guilty as charged

154 Men @ Work
Real men show real moxie—and sometimes some skin

172 Ages Of Man
George Clooney, Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt are among the lucky stars whose luster increases with time

187 The Sexiest Men Undead
From Bela Lugosi to Wesley Snipes, they haunt us still

200 Trouble
Playing Grace Slick's "White Rabbit" has a Missouri school band marching on the wrong foot

203 Tube
Meet the Press host Tim Russert boasts numerous Washington connections, but it's his family ties that matter most

207 Song
Faith Evans rebounds from the 1997 murder of her husband, rap's Biggie Smalls, with her second album and a new attitude

211 Angels
Running a cafe for needy children is kid stuff for 11-year-old Ashlee Vann

215 Coping
Golf's onetime golden girl Laura Baugh describes her battle back from alcoholism—and death's door

220 Arts
Literary Tomfoolery: Harvard's Daniel Bosch wins a competition with four poems named for Tom Hanks

225 Happy
Sixties girl-group diva Darlene Love recounts the sharps and flats of her life in an uplifting new memoir

231 Medics
From MS to alcoholism, acting sick is an art to Elizabeth O'Gara and her troupe

232 Crusaders
Mavis Leno, wife of Jay, speaks out against the oppression of Afghan women

3 Mailbag
8 Inside People
10 Scoop
16 Star Tracks
25 Picks & Pans
55 Insider
193 Passages
223 Puzzler
236 Chatter

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