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updated 03/06/2000 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/06/2000 AT 01:00 AM EST

62 Cover
Getting hitched on Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? was anything but bliss for Rick Rockwell and Darva Conger

70 Up Front
It's a wonderful Late Show as a grateful David Letter-man returns just five weeks after his quintuple bypass

72 With Snoopy on hand, the family of Charles M. Schulz says goodbye to the creator of Peanuts

77 Crime
Margaret Rudin says she didn't kill her millionaire fifth husband—but that didn't keep her from fleeing

83 Party
Brad Pitt, Sharon Stone and other stars roar acclaim for Harrison Ford's lifetime achievement

86 Introducing
With roles in the 10-hour miniseries The 10th Kingdom and in NYPD Blue, Scott Cohen suddenly seems to be everywhere

87 In the Money
Academic rebel John Sperling turns his for-profit college into the nation's largest private university

93 Body
Celebs are going soft over Barbara Close's Naturo-pathica skin-care products

97 Medics
Remarkably recovered after doctors saved him with a new stroke treatment, math prof Zoltan Balogh solves a baffling problem

103 Trouble
Sent to Kosovo as a peacekeeper, U.S. Staff Sgt. Frank Ronghi is charged with killing an 11-year-old girl

110 Heroes
A former Playboy model, Susan Krabacher discovered her real vocation in feeding and housing abandoned children in Haiti

119 Engaged
Backstreet Boys Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell proposed the old-fashioned way: They asked their girlfriends' parents

123 Crusaders
When her aunt is murdered, Jane Alexander pursues the killer—her own boyfriend—and forms a group to help relatives of victims get justice

135 Happy
His classmates knew that little Josh Bryant was different—he couldn't hear. So they found a way to make him one of the gang

137 In Her Own Words
Are you burned out by your job? Psychologist Beverly Potter has some tips for getting you going

141 Where Are They Now?
Brian Bonsall, the sweet little brother from Family Ties, turns punk rocker

145 Book Bonus
An excerpt from a new biography titled The Operator tells how Cher broke showbiz powerbroker David Geffen's heart

153 Angels
In one of L.A.'s toughest neighborhoods, Debrah Constance creates a haven for kids under fire—sometimes literally

159 Bio
Called the Jacques Cousteau of the United States, Sylvia Earle dives in to save underwater worlds off America's coast

164 Style
Costume designer Jenny Beavan sews up an Oscar nomination for her 6,000 Anna and the King outfits

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61 Insider
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