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updated 03/20/2000 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/20/2000 AT 01:00 AM EST

54 Up Front
The parents of 4-year-old Thomas Navarro are fighting the government for the right to give him an experimental cancer treatment

60 Inspired by his and his wife's example, Rev. W.C. Martin's East Texas flock have been taking in unwanted kids since 1998

67 Sequel
Controversial chatterbox Kathie Lee Gifford decides to amicably part ways with cohost Regis Philbin

75 Update
Former bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones recalls Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed's final hours before the Paris car crash that only Rees-Jones survived

78 On the Move
Actor Michael Maronna has become a funky mascot to online stock traders

81 Family
Folk legend Joni Mitchell looks at life now in dramatically new ways: as a mother and grandmother

89 Local Heroes
High school reporters Megan Greenwell and Iliana Montauk scoop the pros probing a teen's death

100 Cover
Erin Brockovich casts her as a feisty underdog, but at $20 million per film, Julia Roberts gracefully rules as Hollywood's leading lady

113 Song
With 98 Degrees heartthrob Nick Lachey by her side, Jessica Simpson sees her career heating up

119 In Her Own Words
Antiques expert Carol Prisant's rule for novice collectors: "Never buy anything you don't love"

123 Kin
Schuyler Fisk, daughter of Coal Miner's Daughter star Sissy Spacek, hits pay dirt in the comedy Snow Day

129 Crime
Noted Harvard allergist Dr. Dirk Greineder is accused of murdering May, his wife of 31 years

134 Controversy
New York City bus driver Rodney Plummer's heroism in foiling a mugging didn't come cheap: It cost him two weeks' pay

137 Couples
Rick Rockwell and Darva Conger are history, but David and Elizabeth Weinlick are still happily wed two years after their instant marriage in a Minnesota shopping mall

141 Crusaders
Activist Madeline Janis-Aparicio wants to make decent wages for the working poor the price of doing business in L.A.

144 Style
How much is that dummy in the window? About $1,000 for each of New York mannequin-maker Ralph Pucci's creations

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