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updated 05/01/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/01/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

48 Introduction
Relegating centuries of war to history, Vietnam finds itself at the dawn of a bustling new era

52 Heroes
It's hard, emotionally draining work as U.S.-Vietnamese teams search for Americans still missing after the war

58 Out Of the Past
Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap, 88, commands respect as his country's most famous military leader

61 Screen
Three Seasons star Don Duong makes a career transition to movies American-style

63 Song
For singer Phuong Thao, reaching the top of the Vietnamese charts was easy compared with growing up as the daughter of a U.S. serviceman

66 Style
Designer Minh Hanh brings the ao dai, Vietnam's traditional costume, back into fashion

73 Crusaders
After losing her brother in the Vietnam War, Jerilyn Brusseau finds peace turning minefields into parklands

79 To the Top
With a TV role and an eye toward Hollywood, runway star My Uyen discovers success is a full-time job

81 Medics
Ex-army surgeon Le Cao Dai makes the case against Agent Orange, which continues to plague his country

84 Family
Joining an increasing number of Americans, Judy and Mike Donovan of Cascade, Iowa, adopt a Vietnamese orphan now named Sam

90 Then & Now
A look at some of the most memorable photographs of the war—and at what happened afterward

99 Controversy
Dissident novelist Duong Thu Huong makes it her mission to criticize the powers that be

100 Scene
From the mountain town of Sa Pa to the soft sands of China Beach, Vietnam's lure mixes startling beauty with echoes of the past

105 Kin
PEOPLE senior writer Julie Dam returns to the country she left in 1975 to trace her roots and revive faded memories

113 Angels
Vietnam vet Chuck Searcy came back to the scene of his wartime service—this time to help disabled children get on their feet

116 Voices
In an exclusive article, Sen. John McCain describes finally coming to grips with his experience as a POW

3 Inside People
6 Mailbag
8 Star Tracks
16 Scoop
20 Passages
23 Online
27 Picks & Pans
44 Puzzler
47 Insider
120 Chatter

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