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Ladies Who Launch

High-tech career women get their mentoring links from GirlGeek-in-chief Kristine Hanna

"We're not going to tell you how to get a man or how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days," says co-founder Kristine Hanna. Indeed, this site advises women about IPOs, not b.o. More than 1,500 women have joined the San Francisco site's mentor-ship groups, in which software execs and other female alpha geeks share advice about tech careers. "The camaraderie is the best," says member Carrie Guevara, 25.

Formerly an Emmy-nominated visual-effects producer for George Lucas (who calls her success "gratifying"), Hanna, 39, started GirlGeeks last year with journalist pal Peter Crosby to "get more women into technology," she says. Girls too: Girl-Geeks will Webcast chats with techies for Take Our Daughters to Work Day on April 27. Next, Hanna (who's single) wants to "empower the guy geeks out there." Bill Gates, she's got your back.

Click and Get It

Beverly Hills, 90210: Download and Out

The aging youth of TV's Beverly Hills, 90210 are finally calling it quits—and unloading plenty of tchotchkes from their salad days. (Maybe they're making room for sensible shoes and mini-vans?) Props from the series—including a jukebox and a clock from the Peach Pit eatery, Dylan's (Luke Perry) motorcycle, Kelly's (Jennie Garth) wedding dress, Brenda's (Shannen Doherty) college acceptance letters and bric-a-brac from the May 17 finale—will be on the block during weekly auctions May 1 to May 22 at

Internet Manners

Is it okay to send e-mail full of spelling errors?

look over emale before u sned it. its only commn curtesy. How annoying was that to read? Very—which is why the "I'm so busy I can't take time to spell-check" attitude has got to go. It's rude to recipients. They're busy too.

I'm job-hunting. May I put a link to my résumé (ifs on the Web) in my e-mail?

All's fair in love, war and the rat race. A short P.S. (not lengthy wheedling) won't bug anyone—and might help you network. Just don't post anything online you don't want the whole world (or your current employer) to see.

My Favorite site

Jenna Elfman

The blonder half of ABC's Dharma & Greg likes to get fleeced at "I found the best pair of pajamas—they were fleece, oh, my God, they were the best pajamas ever," gushes Elfman, who costars in the new movie comedy Keeping the Faith. When it comes to those pj's, she's a Dharma chameleon: "I bought them in every color, and I bought two of one color to give to my friends." But can she explain why Gap's TV ads suddenly look like infomercials for West Side Story?

Simple Pleasures
Most shun electricity and phones, but that's not keeping the Amish off the Web. (actually, it's run by an Englisher—what the Amish call the rest of us—named Leslie Kelly of Huntington Beach, Calif.) offers links to tourism in no-tech Amish country, plus info about Amish products like quilts and jams—not to mention outfits offering horse-and-buggy rides. "It's a one-stop shop for people with an-interest in the Amish," says Kelly, 59, a photographer who has co-written two books on the subject. Just don't expect any quick answers via e-mail: The site promises to bounce your questions off an Amish person-and get back to you in "several days to several weeks."

The Sample Life
You're fashion-forward and designer—savvy-but you'd sooner wear warm-ups to a wedding than pay retail. Take a spin to or, two sites that give bargain hunters the lowdown about sample sales, once known only to shrewd fashionistas, where chichi designers unload must-have items like pashmina shawls at pashminimal prices. "We have people who plan trips to New York around a Kate Spade or Vera Wang sample sale," says StyleShop CEO Lisa Boyne. The sites also list what's marked down at more mundane chains such as Ann Taylor and Express. (StyleShop covers 700 cities, inshop 54.) True hopaholics can join an e-mail hot line that sends a bulletin when their favorite labels slash prices. "Part of the appeal," says inshop founder Veronique Bardach, "is the game."

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