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updated 05/29/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/29/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

50 Up Front
With another woman waiting in the wings, New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani calls a public end to his 16-year marriage to actress Donna Hanover

54 Michigan pool installer Larry Ross buys 98 Big Game lottery tickets and ends up swimming in a golden pond

56 Rain at the Cannes film festival did nothing to dampen such attendees as George Clooney and Calista Flockhart

58 Now dedicated to fighting the Parkinson's that afflicts him, actor Michael J. Fox moves out of Spin City

63 Crusaders
Spurred by the disappearance of their daughter two years ago, Mary and Douglas Lyall campaign for safer campuses

67 Body
Sherry Lebed Davis helps fellow breast-cancer survivors keep mentally and physically fit with a novel exercise program

71 Tube
He might have become a priest. Now MTV veejay Carson Daly ministers to Madonna and other celebs—such as actress girlfriend Tara Reid

76 Tragedy
Nineteen-year-old Adam Petty, future star of the Petty racing clan, dies in a tragic race car crash

81 Sequel
Sixty-three years after being put in foster care, Lois Harrup is reunited with her birth mother—for Mother's Day

87 Pages
His flag-raising father rarely talked about Iwo Jima, so James Bradley went looking for those who would

92 Inventors
Before making music, Ken Butler makes his instruments—out of snow shovels, old boots or other castoffs

95 Trouble
Beware of meeting strangers in cyberspace, says Katie Tarbox, who was victimized at 14 by an online predator

100 Cover
The lone survivor of Camelot's First Family, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg ably carries the torch

109 Verdict
After taking his best friend's life in what he claimed was a mercy killing, Raffi Kodikian gets a merciful sentence

141 Feud
A lawsuit filed for pop star LeAnn Rimes accuses her father of helping to bilk her of $7 million

147 Happy
Stunning even his fiancée, Dayanara Torres, singer Marc Anthony arranges a surprise wedding

149 Where Are They Now?
Holy Dogfood!!! Ex-Boy Wonder Burt Ward shares his Batcave with an amazing 50 Great Danes

153 Update
Halle Berry takes the legal rap for leaving the scene of a car crash, but the other driver remains dissatisfied

155 To the Top
The Oddball Shoe Co., run by big-footed brothers Seth and Zac Longaker, makes oversize clodhoppers hip

156 Scene
Susan Sarandon, Courtney Love and Rosie O'Donnell join thousands of other moms in a Mother's Day march for stricter gun-control legislation

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