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originally published 06/12/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

56 Up Front
James Perez and Sacramento Pimentel come home to practice medicine in the Colorado town that supported their studies

60 Now, a word from our commencement speakers: Bill Clinton, Bill Murray and Billy Joel point the way for this year's grads

64 Joined by ex-wives, kids and bandmates, Mick Jagger bids his beloved mum goodbye

66 Former Saturday Night Live star Dana Carvey settles a $7.5 million lawsuit against his doctor for a most misguided heart surgery

69 Screen
Starring opposite good friend Tom Cruise, Thandie Newton sizzles in Mission: Impossible 2

73 Kin
Ianthe Brautigan writes a touching memoir of her father, Richard, author of Trout Fishing in America

75 Tube
One down, 15 to go—Survivor contestant Sonja Christopher lasts only three days on the show's rat-infested island location

78 Family
Amy Borkowsky's mother has lots of advice for her aspiring-comedian daughter—and everybody else

81 Teachers
Maryland's Betty Scott fires up her students to achieve a Grammy-winning choral performance

87 In the Money
To save her son, Amilya Antonetti got rid of chemical cleaners—and started her own suds biz

97 Song
Former soda salesman Richie McDonald is "Amazed" to be fronting the country band Lonestar

99 Friends
Martial artist Esther Kim gave up her Olympic dream so that best bud—and rival—Kay Poe could go to Sydney instead

104 Cover
High protein? Low carb? Here's the dish on the diets of Liz Taylor, Delta Burke, Jennifer Aniston and more

113 Happy
At 52, ex-model Cheryl Tiegs is about to become a mom again—to twins being carried by a surrogate

117 On the Job
Missing a cat? A turtle? Maybe even a snake? Pet sleuth Kat Albrecht brings 'em back alive

119 Angels
Her means were modest but her affections limitless, as foster supermom Mary Brown helped raise 128 children over 53 years

123 Tragedy
Right before the school year ends, 13-year-old Nate Brazill shoots and kills beloved Florida teacher Barry Grunow

126 To the Top
Michelle Mone's Ultimo bra adds inches, not pinches

129 Host
For users of medicinal marijuana, Santa Cruz, Calif.'s Compassion Flower Inn is the toke of the town

131 In Her Own Words
Will the honeymoon last? University of Washington psychologist Sybil Carrère says her study can predict which newlyweds will come uncoupled

137 Mystery
Art Bell, radio's king of all things paranormal, retires from the air to deal with a family tragedy

140 Scene
Hugh Grant finds himself reliving a surreal scene from his hit Notting Hill

143 Advice
Columnists Katherine Donnelly and Judith Haimes are the Dear Abbys of Death, dispensing counsel to the bereft

147 Introducing
Sisqó's cheeky "Thong Song" takes him to the top of the pop charts

149 First Ladies
In triumph, defeat and good works, Rosalynn Carter remains an equal partner to her Jimmy

159 Crusaders
George Smith III pulled himself off the streets—and now finds shelter for others as San Francisco's homeless czar

162 Style
With fans such as Sharon Stone and Angela Bassett, pursemaker Lana Marks has success in the bag

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22 Scoop
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55 Insider
91 Style Watch
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