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updated 07/03/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/03/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

50 Cover
Prince William celebrates turning 18 by offering a rare glimpse into his ultra-private life

63 Crime
Scores of women in New York City's Central Park are allegedly mauled by a mob and ignored by cops

69 Tribute
Nancy Marchand—Tony Soprano's malevolent mom and Lou Grant's patrician boss—dies at 71

73 Happy
Girls, commence weeping: Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson marries longtime love Kristin Willits

74 Weddings
After five years as a widow, Candice Bergen weds real estate developer Marshall Rose

81 Screen
Whether offing the heavies in Shaft or kicking back with his family, Samuel L. Jackson is just about as cool as they come

87 Introducing
Lanky actor DJ Qualls beat Hodgkin's disease. Now he's cruising in the hit comedy Road Trip

88 Healing
Recovering her health—but not her memory—after a 1993 car crash, Krickitt Carpenter has a baby boy

92 Pages
Joanne Morse's steamy romance novels make light reading for the heavy set

95 Sequel
Three construction workers say Patrick Swayze asked them to hide beer and wine taken from the plane he crash-landed

99 Family Feud
The son of Syria's Hafez Assad prepares to succeed his late father—but an uncle vows to challenge him

103 Host
Colin Capon makes the food in historical movies bad enough to be realistic

107 Out of the Past
He has been barred from baseball ever since, but many fans of "Shoeless Joe" Jackson want to see him in the Hall of Fame someday

110 In the Spotlight
With a new album and her own show on MTV, Mandy Moore adds fizz to the pop-music scene

113 Crusaders
Practically raised on the river, Chad Pregracke is cleaning up—literally—on the mighty Mississippi

123 In His Own Words
For almost a decade, Renay Poirier was legally blind—until he looked out the window on May 23

127 Ouch!
Thrown by a horse at his New Mexico ranch, morning radio's Don Imus recovers from broken bones and a punctured lung

128 Split
Eight years after the infamous Amy Fisher shooting on Long Island, Mary Jo and Joey Buttafuoco finally go their separate ways

130 Scene
It's a dog; it's a bush. No, it's Manhattan's humongous flowering Puppy sculpture

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8 Star Tracks
16 Scoop
23 Online
27 Picks & Pans
49 Insider
79 Passages
116 Puzzler
119 Style Watch
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