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originally published 07/10/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

60 Cover
A good man isn't so hard to find. Check out our 100 Most Eligible Bachelors—movie stars, millionaires and Mr. Right-Next-Doors

114 Arts
World-renowned architect Frank Gehry rocks, with a rad design for Seattle's Experience Music Project

121 Style
Former sculptor Jeanine Payer designs jewelry that makes a statement

125 Where Are They Now?
After surviving a Golden Globe scandal, actress and singer Pia Zadora left the stage to concentrate on motherhood

129 Trouble
Shoe king Steve Madden feels the pinch when he is accused of stock fraud and money laundering

131 Rescue
Two injured mountain climbers radio for help—and Parker and Fletcher Wold, ages 5 and 7, answer the call

135 Tube
John Spencer brings a real-life perspective to his role as a recovering alcoholic and The West Wing's chief of staff

141 In the Money
Fed up with bland herbs, Lucia Cleveland goes to great lengths—and locales—for her Spice Hunter line of condiments

149 Jocks
Gold medalist (1960) Rafer Johnson hopes to return to the Olympics—to watch his kids Jenny and Josh Johnson compete

155 Body
Couch-potato-turned-triathlete Judy Molnar preaches a gospel of eating less and moving more

159 Reunion
Linda Green meant so much to her fifth graders that they gladly keep a date they made with her some 21 years ago

160 Controversy
David Adickes sculpted huge busts of 41 U.S. heads of state, but for months they have been in a state called limbo

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