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originally published 07/10/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

For What It's Worth
Armchair auctioneers love Leslie Hindman's appraise-worthy site

Secretly dream your dusty doodads might be worth a bundle? You could twiddle your thumbs until Antiques Roadshow comes to town—or try the virtual version at Send a digital photo of your treasure and $20, and one of the site's 700-plus experts on collectibles—from cuff links to doll houses—will estimate its value. "Everybody owns stuff, but people have no simple way of finding out what their possessions are worth," says founder Leslie Hindman, 45, who ran her own Chicago auction house before selling it to Sotheby's in 1997.

The 5-month-old site fields more than 1,000 requests a week, evaluating objects from the first ATM receipt from Antarctica ($25) to a mystery flask that turned out to be a Himalayan yak-milk canteen worth $1,200. A target market: Web auction buyers and sellers. "We'd like," says Hindman, "to become the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for things sold on the Net.

Clicks & Pans

Isle Be seeing you
By now, you're either ready to move to a faraway island to escape Survivor—or you're hopelessly addicted to CBS's voyeuristic hit. The latter can get extra fixes at the show's Web site (, featuring painstakingly detailed summaries of each past episode and pity-inducing lists of contestants' favorite TV shows, sports teams and foods. (Richard picks Chateaubriand with garlic mashed potatoes—afar cry from blackened rat.) What we would vote off the site: the social psychologist, whose introductory essay doesn't appear to have been updated since the show began.

Click and Get It

Up for bidding through July 9 at a shower curtain and photo, signed by Psycho star Janet Leigh; scrubs signed by ER's cast; a plate from '97's Titanic; and a uniform worn on Star Trek: Voyager. A day on the set of the sequel to '99's The Mummy previously fetched $10,000 at the Hollywood Garage Sale charity auction.

Internet Manners

When I'm sending e-mail back and forth with one person, how often should I change the subject line?

Well, if you and your steady are discussing which wedding caterer to hire and the subject still reads, "Re: Nice Meeting You," it's time to freshen it up. But using a new heading on every note can get confusing. So switch when the rest of the message no longer has anything to do with the subject—just say non to non sequiturs.

His Royal Sigh-ness
He may not be King of England yet, but there's no doubt that just-turned-18 Prince William rules the Web. Admirers—mostly of the generation that keeps smelling salts on hand in case of an 'N Sync sighting—have devoted hundreds of sites to dream-boat Willy. Start at Will & Harry Unlimited ( ), a trove of news and photos. Then sniffle (or snicker) at the romantic fiction at "After [William] had removed his lips off hers he said, 'Remember me, Nat....' "

Peruse pics of blue-blood Davina Duckworth-Chad and other potential princesses at Who 'Will' It Be?( willsgirl.html). And check up on your fluttering heart with the Prince William Obsession Quiz at You've got it bad if, when you see a photo of the prince, you "(c.) feel as if floating, your whole entire being floods with incredible tingly sensations." Either that, or you're stranded on the Mir space station.

Noble Effort
Barnes & Noble is already a freeloader's paradise—those magazines, those comfy chairs. Now the bookstore chain wants to hand out a free education. Starting later this summer, visitors to will be able to sign up for online classes—with video lectures and Web-chat discussions—on topics from astronomy to dieting. Buying textbooks, of course, is just a click away—or diehard cheapskates can go to the store and pull up a chair.

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