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updated 07/17/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/17/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

50 Up Front
Plopped down on a deserted island, the booted contestants of Survivor dish about the show—and each other

56 After four decades as Hollywood's most cantankerous curmudgeon, Walter Matthau dies of a heart attack at age 79

63 Trouble
In Washington, Audrey Kishline—founder of a self-help group for problem drinkers—pleads guilty to killing two in a drunk-driving accident

66 Wedding
Still at war with third wife Patricia Duff, Revlon billionaire Ron Perelman makes actress Ellen Barkin his fourth

71 Royals
Princess Caroline's husband, Prince Ernst August, retreats to a spa after he is caught in an embarrassing act

75 Controversy
With the Supreme Court on his side, Dr. Leroy Carhart defeats a Nebraska ban on partial-birth abortions

79 Animals
The odyssey is over for Jennifer Hill's cat Lapis, but the mystery remains: How did she get all the way to the Yukon?

82 Cover
Proving that all relationships are mysteries, Hollywood sweethearts Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid's surprising split sends out shock waves

92 Arts
Prince Charles is royally pleased now that he has found himself a plucky harpist and 20-year-old Catrin Finch is dazzling St. James's Palace

100 Family
In Maine, the bad guys get a double dose of the law: twin cops Roy and Ray Hodsdon

102 On the Job
In the world of dog-bite litigation, Los Angeles's Ken Phillips is a top legal beagle

105 Couples
With Me, Myself & Irene, Jim Carrey scores a hit—and, after some single-minded pursuit, finds love with costar Renée Zellweger

111 Update
With Mom on the campaign trail and Dad concentrating on his legacy, First Daughter Chelsea Clinton charmingly raises her public profile

115 Happy
They were apart for more than 70 years, but newly-weds Paul Johnston and Lula Marschat found the wait well worth it

117 Medics
At Lisa Grigg's cash-only Vermont clinic, the doctor is always in, the prices are posted, and the stopwatch keeps on ticking

118 Style
When oil spills endanger Australian penguins, Linda Parker's handmade sweaters save the day

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6 Star Tracks
16 Scoop
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27 Picks & Pans
49 Insider
81 Passages
94 Puzzler
97 Style Watch
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