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100 Most Eligible Bachelors
Thank you for a good laugh. George Clooney as America's No. 1 Most Eligible Bachelor? A man who puts work and friends first, and states he is not interested in marrying again or having kids, is flat-out undesirable. No amount of fame, money or sex appeal could compete with a stand-up man open to the possibility of a committed relationship and willing to devote the time and energy required to sustain it. George Clooney's ego alone is enough to sink a ship!
Tracy Thorpe, San Jose, Calif.

Tell me it isn't true! PEOPLE has overlooked Tiger Woods as one of the 100 Most Eligible. He definitely belongs in the Top 10!
Cynthia Lee, New York City

I searched from front to back of your 100 Most Eligible Bachelors issue and could not find Russell Crowe. Was this a mistake?
Kelly Dubyak, Germantown, Md.

Be still, my heart! George Prescott Bush makes George Clooney look like Elmer Fudd. Hey, there's no need to look any further. Here's your next Sexiest Man Alive.
Jennifer Wilks, Woodbridge, Va.

You pick baseball's Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Mark McGwire as Most Eligibles, but not Mike Piazza? Handsome, single and a $91 million contract? Three strikes and you're out, PEOPLE!
Linda J. Cooper, Avenel, N.J.

A muscle-sleeved UPS delivery-man? A well-oiled firefighter? What is this, Play girl? No offense, but I've seen better-looking bachelors at the local convenience store.
Alison A. Shurtleff, Benica, Calif.

Okay, okay, I know you can't pick everyone, but who was the fool who forgot Ricky Martin?
Francie Jones, Pendleton, Ore. We're checking our records.—ED.

If Mark Wahlberg doesn't fit this category, I don't know who does!
Marci West, Ripley, Miss.

Good grief, there was only an archeologist in my age group. How fitting, as he is accustomed to looking at old things. Enough of these young guys! Bring on the seasoned, gray-templed men that still like to do sports, travel and dance their socks off!
Corky Ramey, Shady Cove, Ore.

As a gay male who has found himself single again after many years, I eagerly anticipated your 100 Most Eligible Bachelors. I was surprised, however, to find that 99 of them were straight.
Brad Becker, San Francisco

Loved the story, but what about us girls? How about a list of the most eligible bachelorettes? I'm a 29-year-old veterinarian, work very rough hours and have a hard time finding time to date. I think we should have our own list, so Mr. Right will know who we are.
Kate Middendorf, Fort Wright, Ky.

Why isn't Howard Stern on your list? He's tall, funny, uniquely attractive, great with his kids, and he has a tremendous work ethic. What a catch!
Stacey England, Indianapolis

I just want you to know how scarring your eligible bachelor feature is. Men, like women, should not be paraded around like cattle. Your article enforces an archaic cultural mentality that oppresses anyone who comes in contact with it.
Lizz Westman, New York City

You've confused good looks, fame and wealth with character, maturity and devotion. The criteria you used to determine the 100 Most Eligible Bachelors have nothing to do with whether or not a man will make a good husband.
Stephen V. Gilmore, Charlotte, N.C.

Finally, you got a list right! No, you got it perfect. I'm saving this issue.
Laura Stull, Lexington, Ky.

Picks & Pans
Thanks for the positive review of the album Circle by Indigenous. But you might want to let your readership know that South Dakota has not seceded to Canada. The band is Native American, not Native Canadian.
Shari Stowell, via e-mail
We regret the error.—ED.

In response to reader Mary Hassler, who says Rosie O'Donnell is not a real mother because her children are adopted: Adoptive parents are just as "real" as those who bear their children. We dry our kids' tears, sit up nights with them when they are sick and celebrate every moment of their lives. To claim we are not real parents is insulting and shallow.
Carrie Krueger, via e-mail

I couldn't believe the response to your story on Rosie O'Donnell. Rosie doesn't like guns, but she is not trying to take away anyone's right to own one. Instead she is calling for sensible gun safety. And for all of you who gave money to the NRA in response to the article, I just gave to the Million Mom March. So there!
Tim Claypoole, Woodbridge, Conn.

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