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updated 08/07/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/07/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

56 Up Front
His fraternity days long past, George W. Bush aims to claim the job his father lost eight years ago

62 Cancer survivor and new dad Lance Armstrong recycles victory in the Tour de France race

64 Brazilian beauty Gisele Bündchen's model curves catch Leo DiCaprio's eye

69 Kin
Two years after losing her husband to colon cancer, Katie Couric faces another ordeal: sister Emily's battle with pancreatic cancer

73 Mystery
Was foul play involved in the disappearance of travel editor Claudia Kirschhoch from a Jamaican resort?

81 Screen
Hollywood stardom fits X-Men's Hugh Jackman like a taloned glove

92 Cover
Kicking back at his mountain retreat, Harrison Ford talks about his family, his playthings and his legend

101 Song
For the Pointer Sisters' June Pointer, crippled by a life of addictions, rehab was a harrowing solo act

105 Out of the Past
The trial of teacher John Scopes launched a debate over evolution that still rages 75 years later

111 Local Heroes
Mary Guthrie's innovative daycare center for special-needs kids gets remarkable results

115 In the Spotlight
Teamed up with Bruce Willis in a new movie, Spencer Breslin is The Kid to watch this summer

117 Update
Her parents' trial for fraud is just the latest embarrassment for former nanny Louise Woodward

120 Verdict
A jury decides Judy Richardson Yeats owns the $ 1 million prize Pepsi bottle a coworker opened

123 Tube
Before Jerry Orbach ruled Law & Order, he was a prince of Broadway

131 Coping
Former Olympic gymnast Bart Conner faces a new challenge: osteoarthritis

136 Controversy
A Brooklyn family fights to hold on to Cookie, an endangered monkey

139 Medics
Heart surgeon Wayne Isom makes Larry King and David Letterman tick

145 Royals
Britain's Queen Mother celebrates her 100th birthday—and has no intention of slowing down

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20 Scoop
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55 Insider
85 Style Watch
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