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Meg Ryan & Dennis Quaid
Meg Ryan's very public cuckolding of her husband is shameful and heartbreaking. It shatters the image I had of her. I was extremely glad to read that Dennis Quaid has filed for divorce. I'm sure it was the last thing he wanted to do, but it is an action that allows him to retain his dignity and self-respect.
Maria Pearson, Alice, Texas

Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan are two of the sleaziest people imaginable. I never bought her sweetie-pie bit for one minute, but because of Dennis and their dear, sweet son Jack, it makes me sick to be proved right.
Tammy Zellman, Columbus, Ohio

I was interested to read about Meg Ryan's not speaking to her mother in 10 years partly due to her idea that "her mother abandoned her." Given the recent set of circumstances, I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Jeannette Knapp, Shelby Township, Mich.

Meg Ryan's image is becoming as messy as her hairdo.
Elizabeth Ferryman, San Diego

The American people know as much about the real personal lives of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan as the two of them know about ours collectively—nothing. It is unfair and cruel for us to make assumptions as to why their marriage is having problems. If we had any respect for them as human beings who also have a young son, we would let Mr. Quaid and Ms. Ryan deal with this painful time privately.
Jennie Gartner, Rutland, Vt.

So Meg Ryan left her husband and child for Russell Crowe—big deal. The only thing this failed marriage proves is that true love, trust and respect don't exist in Tinseltown.
Ka Vang, St. Paul

Dr. Leroy Carhart
Dr. Leroy Carhart is my personal hero. He is a physician who won't let religious racketeers or domestic terrorists stop him from providing the women of Nebraska with the abortion services that they so desperately need, want and seek out. America needs more physicians with the courage of this man.
Brian Finkel, D.O., Phoenix

You depict Dr. Carhart as a hero. His practice of killing hundreds of perfectly healthy near-term babies and his fight in the courts to protect his right to do so sicken me. A small faction of pro-lifers were misguided in their attempts to stop him. The majority of us just pray for his soul.
Ginger Gilbert, Glendale, Ariz.

Survivor Cast-offs
I got a good laugh from the cast-offs' rationales for their ejections—they apparently have forgotten that videotaped proof exists that Stacey and BB were gigantic pains, that Dirk was wasting away to nothing and that Ramona was so sick she should have been voted off long before she was. The only one not deluding herself was Sonja. Wake up and smell the larvae, people.
Patricia Martin Steward, Concord, N.H.

Walter Matthau
I've always adored Walter Matthau, who never failed to make me laugh, but after reading the Father's Day card from his son Charlie, my respect for him supersedes everything else. Thanks for a wonderful tribute to a great man.
Rebecca Merlick, Hutchins, Texas

One of the greatest actors of all time passes away and he warrants just a corner of your front cover? Can you tell me what is so tantalizing about another Hollywood divorce that it needs so much media coverage?
Denise I. Matulka, Lincoln, Neb.

Audrey Kishline
After working in the addiction field professionally for the past 20 years, I was outraged by the article about Audrey Kishline, her book Moderate Drinking and her struggle to deny her own addiction to alcohol. Even after her killing of two innocent people while driving drunk, she continues to refuse to accept her disease. I wonder how many people have to die before people who want to "manage" their drinking get the message that alcoholism kills.
Randy Groskind, Atlanta

Diana Ross badly misjudged the public's acceptance of her phony Supremes "reunion" tour. The fans stayed away in droves. We are not fools. We know that Diana Ross and the Supremes includes Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong and not a pair of third-generation replacement singers.
Thomas Ingrassia, Holden, Mass.

Lapis the Cat
I am a Canadian, and I have to say something about the story about a lost cat that made its way to the Yukon. I can't figure out why you chose to call this story "Blame Canada," which I believe is a vague reference to the song of the same name. Needless to say, that song has no place in decent society.
Audrey Miller, Toronto

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