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updated 08/14/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/14/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

50 Up Front
Jennifer Thompson, who wrongly ID'd Ronald Cotton as her rapist—and thereby sent him to prison for 11 years—turns a tragic mistake into a battle against injustice

56 We go behind the scenes with Kathie Lee Gifford for her roller-coaster farewell week with Regis Philbin

60 Putting wedding plans on hold (again), Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith cheer the improved health of one child and the impending arrival of another

63 Coping
General Hospital heavy Maurice Benard recounts his nightmarish highs and lows as a manic-depressive

68 Angels
Retired teacher Anna Beavers keeps her town's neediest children in stitches

70 Body
Stars who go bare down there call the Brazilian J. Sisters the best waxers since Madame Tussaud

73 Controversy
Music-sharing Web site Napster and teen founder Shawn Fanning can play on—for the moment

77 Where Are They Now?
Dynasty's Emma Samms scripts herself a new role—as a writer and a mom

81 Pages
The heat's on for Manhattan chef Anthony Bourdain, whose spicy kitchen tell-all has enjoyed smokin' sales

85 Verdict
A Florida golf course has an unusual hazard—Thomas Rossano's odoriferous swine and the music they adore

89 Anniversary
Fifty-five years after he bombed Hiroshima, former World War II pilot Paul Tibbets still believes he saved lives—American and Japanese

93 Local Heroes
Thanks to Georgia dad Gary Garner, disabled kids—including his daughter Lindsay—have a great place to play ball

103 Crime
In Burkesville, Ky., prosecutor Fred Capps and bad apple Eddie Vaughn, who had known each other since childhood, die in a bloody face-off

108 Introducing
At 4'7" he is shorter than most mike stands, but country music's Billy Gilman, 12, packs a mighty wallop

111 Olympics
Track star and model Amy Acuff has high hopes of sizzling in Sydney

116 Cover
Surrounded by family and Friends and feted with fireworks, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt tie the knot in a lavish cliff-top ceremony

129 In His Own Words
Geneticist David Cox explains that mapping the human genome is only the first step in a long, exciting process of discovery

133 Tube
As the TV castaways' torches get extinguished one by one, Survivor host Jeff Probst's career heats up

137 On the Job
This summer Trent Mayberry tends to a litter of Snoopys—and the memory of Charles M. Schulz

139 Squawk
A North Carolina bird named Flounder becomes the foul mouth of the South

143 Trouble
After appearing on the Jerry Springer Show, three guests star in a real-life murder drama

149 Medics
American psychiatrist James Gordon brings his healing touch to victims of the war in Kosovo

154 Scene
On tour in New York City, 'N Sync's Fab Five seek a little breathing room between frenetic encounters with their fans

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