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updated 08/21/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/21/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

52 Up Front
Portrayed as an awkward policy wonk, presidential hopeful Al Gore shows he also has wit and warmth

58 The Senate's voice of conscience, Connecticut's Joseph Lieberman signs on as Al Gore's running mate

60 No longer all that mad about each other, Helen Hunt and husband Hank Azaria split, while Macaulay Culkin and his teen bride, Rachel Miner, also go their separate ways

62 After wresting away the gun of a would-be thief, 7-Eleven employee Anthony Feliciano gets the sack

65 Tribute
For six decades, Britain's Sir Alec Guinness held audiences spellbound with a tapestry of rich roles—and his inimitable brand of self-effacing charm

69 Coping
Actress Maria Conchita Alonso speaks out at length about her long battle against bulimia

77 Controversy
When his sons' school district started testing students for drugs, Larry Tannahill just said no

81 Crusaders
Elizabeth Phillips survived a babysitter's brutal shaking to become an activist against child abuse

85 Teachers
Italian lawyer Paola Mescoli Davoli created a course to help wives and mothers-in-law get along

88 Cover
With husband Tim McGraw and their two daughters in tow, Faith Hill has taken her act—and family—on the road

97 Kin
As MTV's latest boy-band member, Chris Farley's younger brother Kevin wins more laughs than shrieks

100 Family
A Web connection linked Iowa mom Jody Swarbrick to the birth mother of two of her adopted sons

108 Angels
With plastic pipes and oversize tires, Texas lifeguards build beach-friendly wheelchairs for the disabled

113 In His Own Words
Don't panic over the West Nile virus, says expert Dr. Mahfouz Zaki

117 Screen
She's Eddie Murphy's sweetheart in The Klumps, but offscreen Janet Jackson is happily unattached

123 Olympics 2000
Hunky Mark Ruiz gets the chills when he nails a dive—and so do his fans

127 Update
Out of prison, Robert Downey Jr. hopes his drug-drenched days are over

130 Happy Birthday
Britain's Queen Mother gets the royal treatment to celebrate a landmark birthday—her 100th

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