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updated 09/04/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/04/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

66 Up Front
After 3½ years, comedian Ellen DeGeneres and actress Anne Heche, Hollywood's first openly lesbian couple, call it quits

70 Tillie Tooter, 83, survives 78 hours trapped in a crashed car in a swamp

72 Arizona Senator and former GOP presidential hopeful John McCain fights skin cancer

74 French chef Alain Ducasse opens his first U.S. restaurant—but its tabs are tough to swallow

81 Crime
Bluesman Elvin Bishop's daughter Selina and four others are murdered

87 On the Job
Jennifer Griffing and Heather Duerst deliver the mail in Lake Geneva, Wis.

89 Tragedy
Hope ends for the crew of the Russian sub Kursk, but many questions abound

92 Update
With high test scores, Prince William chooses his university. (Hint: It's not in England)

103 Family
Adoptee Gina Stonum used a new Oregon law to find her biological mother

107 Controversy
When her insurer refused to cover contraceptives, pharmacist Jennifer Erickson made history: She sued

111 Trends
The creators of Big Mouth Billy Bass, Barbara and Joe Pellettieri, get consumers to take the bait

114 Cover
In a People poll, women reveal how they really feel about their bodies—and those of Hollywood's hottest stars

124 Arts
No old family portraits? No problem for graphic-artist-turned-computer-whiz Josh Cavalier

127 Couples
After seeing Love Stinks, tennis champ Pete Sampras courts actress Bridgette Wilson, and it's a love match

130 Angels
Kool-Aid stand owner Chelsie Dillman, 9, is abloom again helping her stepfather get a new kidney

133 Radio
Audiences tune in weekly to eavesdrop on the doings of the five Dolan girls, otherwise known as public radio's satellite Sisters

136 To the Top
He's tall, slim and can crunch really big numbers. Meet Tony Northrup, the Sexiest Geek Alive

139 pages
Norris Church Mailer tells husband Norman there's another novelist at home

145 Olympics 2000
Jumping for joy, Jennifer parilla will go for gold in a new Olympic event: trampolining

148 Split
As both file for divorce, Eminem's wife, kim, uses his song lyrics against him in a $10 million civil suit

151 In the Money
When Laura Scher's customers run up their bills, nonprofit groups win big

155 Heroes
Henry and Becky Anhalt describe how he flew his family to safety after their pilot had a heart attack

161 Breakup
Naomi Judd accuses hubby Larry Strickland and files for D-I-V-O-R-C-E

162 Style
Three decades after dressing the Kennedys in flowery beachwear, sassy socialite Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau's career as a clothing designer is abloom again

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