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Brad and Jennifer
As I approach my 45th (single) year, I am cynical about weddings in general and celebrity weddings in particular. But as I soaked in a warm tub, sipping a beer and reading your story, I was transported. I thought, "Wow, maybe things like this actually do happen." Thanks!
Joe Field, Dallas

A fairy-tale wedding, glamorous guests, great food, fireworks. The father walks the bride down the aisle, the mother isn't invited. This is such a sad story.
Jamie Buckmore, Fort Lauderdale

Some time ago, PEOPLE published my prediction that Brad and Jennifer's love would last less than a year. Happily, they have proven me wrong. Let's hope this talented pair can beat the Tinseltown marital merry-go-round. The world could use another Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy.
Bruce Beattie, Portland, Ore.

I was extremely disappointed and angry that Jennifer and Brad released only one photo from their wedding. I can respect their wish for privacy at the event, but what harm would it do to release a few color photos of the ceremony and reception after the fact? I think they were very selfish to their fans. If they want that much privacy, let them work at the local 7-Eleven, not in Hollywood.
Debbie Zielinski, Hyannis, Mass.

Jennifer and Brad throw a $1 million wedding and can't even share photos with us? Who do they think paid for the wedding?
Allison Sadoski, Glen Burnie, Md.

The media and public should respect Brad and Jennifer's desire for privacy and be thankful for the details they did share with us. After all, they didn't have to.
Kathleen Lackey, Mundelein, Ill.

I have a very good feeling that this love will last a lifetime, not Hollywood's version of forever!
Maylee Borg, Staten Island

Paul Tibbets
How soon people forget. I haven't! My husband was on a ship heading for the Pacific, after fighting in Europe for two years. When Colonel Tibbets dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, my husband's ship was rerouted home to the U.S. Some people felt sorrow, some joy, but that's simply the way it was.
Susie Hahn, Erie, Pa.

Was the dropping of the bomb a desperate measure? Yes. Did it tragically cost the Japanese tens of thousands of lives? Yes. But how many more Japanese and American lives did it save by putting an end to the war? I agree with Tibbets that "war is a damn dirty thing." No decision in time of war is easy, least of all one that takes many lives. That is why I consider him a hero.
Shari Rosenthal, via e-mail

Maurice Benard
Maurice Benard is the only reason I still watch General Hospital. He is an amazing actor and person, and I applaud his bravery in talking about his manic depression. His story goes a long way to show the public that a mental-illness diagnosis is not something to be ashamed of.
Catherine Topf, Windsor, Colo.

In response to Paula Curcio's letter criticizing parents who allow their children to listen to Eminem's controversial music: I am 17 years old and no Eminem fan. I don't think I know a single person who, after listening to violent lyrics, would react by emulating them nor do I think parents should regulate what music their children listen to. The job of parents is to teach their children to distinguish the difference between song lyrics and real life, not to loom disapprovingly over their-boom boxes.
Tomasene Knight, San Francisco

To Paula Curcio: Don't be so quick to criticize Eminem as a "role model" when you clearly haven't listened to his lyrics. He urges parents to take more responsibility in their children's lives instead of blaming their kids' problems on the latest music. He tells kids they would be stupid to emulate him or anyone else just because that person is famous. So, though you may not enjoy his music, he is a wonderful role model. And I'm not some rebellious teen; I'm a 29-year-old woman from the burbs.
Michelle Paul, McLean, Va.

Pierce and Keely
Excuse me if I seem confused. Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith decide they love one another enough to marry after the birth of their first child, then understandably postpone the wedding due to his son Sean's accident. But now they are postponing it again because of a second impending birth—next March! Are the months between September and February nonmarrying months?
Mel Ramirez, Carson City, Nev.

Oh, please! How long does it take to say, "I do"?
Marsha Scharpenberg, Hamilton, Ohio

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