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updated 09/25/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/25/2000 AT 01:00 AM EDT

56 Up Front
A West Wing sweep, newlywed sparks and a sea of scarlet stoke the 52nd annual Emmy Awards

64 A Massachusetts judge orders pregnant cult member Rebecca Corneau to seek prenatal care or be taken into custody

69 Trouble
After years of sobriety, Joan Kennedy is arrested for drunk driving

73 Off the Job
Volatile Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight finally gets the boot

79 Body
Dr. Thomas Holbrook shares his struggle with anorexia to help men conquer the fear of fat

81 Screen
Overcoming early struggles, TV funnyman and Kings of Comedy star Steve Harvey finally rules

85 Where Are They Now?
A decade after retreating to raise a family, ex-teen queen Tiffany surprises with a sexy new album

90 Animals
Hit a homer in San Francisco's new park and it's going...going...gone to the dogs

96 Farewell
After 18 years, Broadway's Cats fades into memory

99 Hotseat
With Ford under fire for accidents linked to defective tires, CEO Jac Nasser is taking the heat

105 On the Move
Playing on the Home Shopping Network gives former hotel guitarist Esteban a hit CD

107 Winners
Russian hunk Marat Safin, 20, scores a stunning upset at the U.S. Open

109 Dating
Chelsea Clinton's romance with Stanford classmate Jeremy Kane goes public

112 Cover
Cancer survivor Olivia Newton-John talks about raising a daughter and loving her man

121 Controversy
Cuban photographer Alberto Korda sues over the use of his iconic photo of Che Guevara

125 Spirit
Considered a living saint by some, guru Ammachi wraps followers worldwide in heartfelt hugs

127 Pages
Jamie Lee Curtis—actress, mom and bestselling children's author—cracks kids up with silly rhymes

131 Book Bonus
Bill Bryson reveals how merely surviving can seem like an Olympic sport in Australia—an excerpt from his bestseller In a Sunburned Country

137 Crusaders
Gwendolyn Hall compiles the largest genealogical database ever for African-Americans

163 Tube
Seth Peterson keeps viewers guessing as Providence bad boy going good

167 Memoir
Barbara Robinette Moss tells of hope over childhood horror in Change Me into Zeus's Daughter

173 Tragedy
Harry Truman's grandson William Daniel, 41, a social worker and soft-baller, is killed by a New York City taxicab

174 Party
Eminem 'n' friends take the MTV Video Music Awards on one edgy ride

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