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Surfer Girl
Jenn Bonnett's eTour helps Net navigators avoid the info tsunami

Jenn Bonnett lost three boyfriends last year while working around the clock at—but at least she hooked up millions of Webgoers. eTour, which serves up sites custom-chosen to reflect users' interests, is a big hit with surfers sick of searching. "When you register, you tell us what you like, picking as many subjects as you like out of 132 categories, from collectibles to literature or snowboarding," says Bonnett, 34, who cofounded the Atlanta-based site in 1998 and is now VP of technology. eTourists can click through sites as if using a remote control. Last year, The Industry Standard magazine named eTour one of the Web's "most addictive" sites. A former corporate software designer, Bonnett just bought a house with a yard for her cocker spaniel puppy. "eTour took over my life, but now I'm seriously working on balance," she says. "I don't want to be single forever."

My Favorite Site

Andy Richter
Conan O'Brien's former sidekick is counting the days until diaper duty. "My wife"—Sarah Thyre, 32, who starred on Comedy Central's Strangers with Candy—"is pregnant, so is one of my favorites," says Richter, 34. Enter Junior's due date, and the site dispenses a progress report. "It tells you this is day 203 and what the development of the kid is," says Richter, a costar in the recently released Dr. T. & the Women. (Little Richter is due in late November.) "I look at it daily."

Internet Manners

I am a member of several clubs with e-mail lists. Some members repeatedly use the lists for nonclub matters and send messages advertising the fact that their friends are having a yard sale or that someone's mother will be in New York City and needs a place to stay. This is annoying—how can I tell them to stop it?

Most mailing lists set a policy about this sort of thing: Some ban off-topic messages, others allow them. Contact the person in charge of the list. He or she should be the one to determine if the list is being abused and to reprimand the scofflaw. (If you don't have a clear policy, members should vote on one.) Don't upbraid the offender yourself. Mailing-list squabbles can quickly get nasty enough to turn your next get-together into WWF Smackdown! And definitely don't e-mail the whole list to complain; that's a Netiquette no-no of the first degree.

Click and Get it

From "All You Need Is Love" to "I Want Your Sex"
The piano John Lennon used to write "Imagine" went for $2.1 million—to pop's George Michael-in a live and Net auction. The late Beatle's '65 Ferrari, restored by Princess Diana's swain Dodi Fayed, fetched $158,000.

Up for bids at through Nov. 3: a guitar signed by Paul ; Simon (left) and other Simon-abilia.

Prez Dispensers
They're pro-family. They're anti-crime. They strongly support blue suits. Still trying to figure out what George W. Bush and Al Gore stand for before Nov. 7? Web sites can straighten out some of the fuzzy discourse—and help you bone up on local races too. One landslide winner: Project Vote Smart (, where you can enter your zip code and get the skinny on contenders in races large and small, including their voting records and interest-group report cards. Or find out which would-be Prez best reflects your views with quizzes at or And if you find the candidates' official Web homes, and, as snoozy as C-SPAN, take a giggle break at

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