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updated 02/05/2001 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/05/2001 AT 01:00 AM EST

46 Up Front
Bo Derek, Drew Carey and Naomi Judd were among revelers kicking it up and chowing down at inaugural balls honoring President Bush

52 Charges of baby-buying ignite an international fracas when two couples, one British, one American, vie to adopt the same set of infant twins

56 Live from New York, it's ex-Attorney General Janet Reno, facing down her Saturday Night Live double with the blue dress on, Will Ferrell

59 Trouble
Princess Diana's former aide Paul Burrell finds himself at the center of a police investigation

61 Caught!
Having eluded authorities for weeks, George Rivas and six fellow escapees from a Texas prison are outflanked by tips

67 To the Top
Ruth Simmons rose from poverty in East Texas to the presidency of an Ivy League university in New England

72 Engaged
Edward Burns and Christy Turlington's rebound romance heads for the altar

75 Trends
Designers Cheryl Gaskill and Leslie Hoskulds create the perfect match for T-shirt buyers

77 Screen
Save the Last Dance's Julia Stiles juggles teen stardom with college classes

83 In Court
As jury selection in Sean "Puffy" Combs's trial begins, girlfriend Jennifer Lopez is a no-show

87 Family
Rev. Jesse Jackson reveals that he has a child born out of wedlock from an affair with a former aide

91 In Her Own Words
Schoolyard teasing and taunting can do devastating—and lasting—damage to children, insists psychologist Dorothy Espelage

104 Cover
A retired cop, a corrections officer and a female bodybuilder are just some of the tough, buff players of Survivor II, taped in the Australian Outback

114 Sequel
Once promising gridder Rae Carruth draws hard time for conspiring to murder a former girlfriend and destroy their unborn child

117 Tube
Martin Sheen, acting President on NBC's The West Wing, passionately pursues his own liberal agenda

123 Voices
Retiring political columnist Jack Germond recalls the days when the boys on the bus just wanted to have fun

148 Party
Angelina Jolie, Russell Crowe and Tom and Nicole glisten at the Golden Globe Awards

4 Mailbag
6 Star Tracks
14 Scoop
21 Online
25 Picks & Pans
45 Insider
95 Style Watch
103 Passages
128 Puzzler
158 Chatter

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