updated 02/05/2001 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/05/2001 AT 01:00 AM EST

Golden Globe Awards favorite Jim Carrey was a no-show at this year's fete, even though he was nominated for his role in Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas. A source close to the movie tells me that the actor didn't want to attend because ex-love Renée Zellweger would be at the relatively intimate Beverly Hills bash. I hear Carrey is still smarting from their breakup last November. His rep, Marleah Leslie, responds that Carrey had family business to attend to, but she wouldn't elaborate. Zellweger, incidentally, picked up a trophy for her starring role in Nurse Betty.

Jennifer Aniston and No Doubt's Gwen Stefani have struck up a friendship, so to speak. One of our spies caught the two bowling in Santa Monica recently. Turns out Aniston and Stefani's boyfriend, Bush front man Gavin Rossdale, share the same management agency. All three, and about 50 others, were at a Saturday night birthday bowling bash for Rossdale's manager, Andrea Pett-Joseph. (Aniston's hubby, Brad Pitt, was shooting a film in Morocco.) Taking over 10 lanes, the revelers dined on the alley's no-frills pizza-party package–three slices and three hours of bowling for $20 a person. Beats Spago, I guess.

Super Bowl XXXV hasn't been the only thing on the mind of New York Giants cornerback Jason Sehorn. This will also be the year he marries Law & Order stunner Angie Harmon. "Believe me, even if the wedding was on the Monday after the Super Bowl I'd have plenty of energy to put into it. It's something the two of us can't wait for," says Sehorn. The couple plan to wed in June.

In her role as Charlotte on Sex and the City, Kristin Davis is the least adventurous of the fab four. Not so in real life. The actress just returned from a two-week safari in Kenya, a trip she took solo. She's wanted to go there since high school, she told me at the Golden Globes, so she signed on with a tour group, got her shots and just went on the spur of the moment. "It was insane to go by myself," says the single Davis, who had a great time and her share of adventures. One camp she stayed at allowed hiking in the bush. Her group came upon five napping lions. They didn't spot the big cats until one of them growled a warning. The campers made a quick about-face.

With all the lights, a movie set can be a very warm place, especially if you're a piece of chocolate. So the makers of Chocolat, a sweet film about a free-spirited confectioner (Juliette Binoche) whose magical bonbons turn a conservative French town upside down, had to resort to fake chocolate made from painted plaster. The ersatz stuff looked so real that a crew member mistook a plate of it for actual sweets and placed it in the refrigerator where the real stuff was kept. When another crew member went to sneak a taste, he wound up chipping a tooth. Even fake chocolate is bad for your teeth, it turns out.

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