Two by Two

updated 02/05/2001 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/05/2001 AT 01:00 AM EST

Somewhere out there, in the Hollywood Hills or beyond, actress Tori Spelling has a secret twin. A tank top twin, that is: the one person in the world who owns the mate to Spelling's apple-green designer tank emblazoned with the word "goddess."

The identity of the other "goddess" may be a secret (not even Spelling knows), but the tee's creators most definitely are not. Longtime friends Leslie Hoskulds, 39, and Cheryl Gaskill, 32, are making a splash with their upscale T-shirt line, 2-of-a-Kind, which takes the biblical Noah's idea—remember the Ark?—to a cottony conclusion: Each T-shirt or tank has just one and only one mate. Studded with rhinestones and branded with a single word—ranging from "geek" to "punk" to "skunk"—the shirts "are almost like a mood ring," says Venita Haynes of chic Santa Monica department store Fred Segal, where the shirts, which retail for $50 to $75 apiece, have been selling out. "Whatever the customers are feeling, that word catches their eye."

The tees have also caught the eyes of rockers Sheryl Crow (whose white tank shouts "scout"—the name of her dog) and ex-Red Hot Chili Pepper Dave Navarro ("disorder").

Since launching the candy-colored line last summer, graphic designers Hoskulds, who is married and has a 16-month-old son, and Gaskill, who is single, are working on new words for their tees. Are they worried about exhausting the possibilities? "People who [ask] that," Gaskill points out, "usually don't have a large vocabulary."

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