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updated 02/05/2001 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/05/2001 AT 01:00 AM EST

Charmed Circles

Who says spring hasn't sprung? Butterflies and blossoms are making an appearance on the necks of Minnie Driver, Jenna Elfman, Sarah Jessica Parker and other trendsetters. Attached to elastic or fabric chokers, the flirty silk, crystal or leather adornments "can be worn with just about everything—in the evening, or with a suit or jeans," says accessories designer Leeora Catalan, whose hot-pink floral choker was plucked by Madonna for a recent photo shoot. "It's feminine and sexy and romantic." Model Heidi Klum, who sported a black leather butterfly at a Manhattan movie premiere, can attest to that. "I thought it was fun," Klum says. "I love the look."

And you don't have to look like Klum to love it too. "These chokers are very flattering to the neck—it's something that looks good on everybody," says Haute Stuff accessories designer Jill Roeb. "It's great if you want to add some color to your outfit." But if the skin below your chin isn't your best feature, Catalan has a suggestion. "Take a choker," she says, "and tie it to your shoe."

with Samantha McIntyre in New York City

Behind the Seams

Is Madonna a reformed Material Girl? When the superstar learned that hubby Guy Ritchie wanted to wear the same $30,000 black-and-white diamond cufflinks she had planned on sporting at the L.A. premiere of his new comedy, Snatch, she simply let him. But the Blonde One's benevolence went only so far: The seven-carat sparklers from David Orgell of Beverly Hills were just loaners. (Sorry, Guy!) Three days later Keanu Reeves wore them at the Golden Globes....

Everybody Loves Raymond's Patricia Heaton wasn't nominated, but she still came away from the Globes a winner. Inside her presenter's gift box were such goodies as $190 Chanel sunglasses and a $1,200 Christian Dior watch. "I figured I'd rather present and get the basket than get nominated and walk home with nothing," she said....

What do Sandra Bullock and Joan Rivers have in common? Harry Winston, of course. Bullock made a splash at the Globes wearing a 34-carat Winston diamond pendant valued at $4.5 million but said no to the matching 10-carat earrings. So the set was broken up and the gems adorned Rivers's ears instead....

Training six hours a day for his big-screen portrayal of Muhammad Ali has resulted in Will Smith looking appropriately beefy, but there's a downside: he can't fit into off-the-rack duds! So Hugo Boss is custom-making Smith's film wardrobe, with an accent on gentlemanly wool overcoats in muted colors for the outdoor scenes....

Seen: A trench-coat-wrapped Brooke Shields whisking into Barneys New York in Beverly Hills for a Vera Wang bridal wear trunk show.

Double Vision
What makes a designer feel he has earned his stripes? For Roberto Cavalli, all it took was seeing both Cindy Crawford and pop star Thalia wearing his tiger-print gown. Crawford donned the silk sheath for a fashion show in Rome; Thalia sported hers at a San Juan awards show. "I catch the beauty of nature," Cavalli says, "and transpose it in my prints." The result, declares Thalia, is "full of life." Make that wildlife.

Presto Change-o
A girl can't look like Rapunzel forever. So on Jan. 13 Rebecca Romijn-Stamos traded her flowing tresses for a short, chic do, courtesy of stylist Chris McMillan at the Tova salon in Beverly Hills. Says the actress: "It was just time for a change."

Winner's Circle
That dapper gent strolling in Manhattan recently was none other than George Hamilton, decked out in '40s-style duds. It's a timeless look, says Los Angeles stylist Kim Bowen, that "will work equally well for that kid from The Sixth Sense in 20 years."

Pale Bonding
Good guys have always worn white; now glam gals are following suit. Laura Innes shone in snowy Richard Tyler at the People's Choice Awards, while LeAnn Rimes (in Versace) and Janet Jackson (in "Wayne Scot Lukas) helped make the American Music Awards a white night. Says Lukas: "Janet is about new beginnings. What better way to clean the slate than a white suit?"


Do you have any clothing or jewelry that you consider lucky?

Tracey Ullman
"My mum's wedding ring. Every time I've worn it to an awards show, I've won."

Candice Bergen
"I always try to wear something my daughter made for me, a necklace or a bracelet."

Dyan Cannon
"A pair of jeans I wear to Lakers games. When wear them, they win."

Almost Famous's Patrick Fugit
"A wallet I made from duct tape in high school."

Angelina Jolie
"My husband's boots and his T-shirts."

Claudia Schiffer
"A black cashmere blanket my parents gave me. I wrap myself in it and feel at home."

Benjamin Bratt
"I feel lucky if I'm wearing clean underwear."

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