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updated 02/19/2001 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/19/2001 AT 01:00 AM EST

48 Cover
Hollywood golden couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman call it quits, blaming distance, time apart and their hectic careers

56 Up Front
Soap star Kelly Ripa beats out a crowded field to become Regis Philbin's official daytime cohost

58 Michel Navratil survived the Titanic's sinking—and lived to be 92

61 Trouble
Already facing divorce, Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel moves closer to trial for a brutal murder

65 In His Own Words
As kids eat more and move less, child obesity is reaching epidemic levels, says Dr. Richard Strauss

71 Heroes
Police credit college student Kelly Bennett, moon-lighting in a photo lab, with helping to prevent a campus bloodbath

74 Split
A soap opera plot bubbles as ex-General Hospital costars Kristina and Jack Wagner head for divorce

76 Angels
Robin and Caitlin Phelan give Boston-area children something to hold on to: teddy bears

78 On the Job
To sweeten condemned prisoners' final hours, inmate chef Brian Price tries a little saucery

82 Pols
Still grieving, Jean Carnahan seeks comfort in work as she takes her late husband's place in the Senate

91 Sequel
After receiving a hand transplant, Clint Hallam's dream became a nightmare

97 Medics
Dr. Brian Druker combats leukemia with a mustard-colored pill he created

109 Bio
One of Hollywood's top comedy writers, Carrie Fisher survived a drama of manic depression

117 Crime
College lacrosse coach Diane Whipple is killed by a dog in San Francisco

122 Style
Fabulous florist Jeff Leatham dazzles Paris and celebrity clients alike

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29 Picks & Pans
47 Insider
81 Passages
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106 Puzzler
126 Chatter

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