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originally published 02/19/2001 AT 01:00 AM EST

First Cousin
Related to two Presidents, Jonathan Bush elects to untangle medical hassles

Far from the Beltway, another Bush is taking on health care, in Waltham, Mass. Which is the way he likes it. "This is going to do more public good than I could do in any office," says Jonathan Bush, chairman and CEO of—and a first cousin of the newly inaugurated President.

Bush, 31—his father, Jonathan Sr., is the younger brother of the first President Bush—cofounded the firm in 1997 to automate medical insurance claims. "We do the work doctors can't stand," says Bush, who took in more than $2 million in revenue last year and lives in Belmont, Mass., with wife Sarah, who is a midwife, and their three kids. As for his cousin George W., Bush calls him "extremely cool and funny." Will Jonathan ever follow him into politics? "You'd have to ask my wife about that," Bush says. "I doubt she's going to say, 'Now I want you to run for public office.' "

My Favorite Site

Tara Lipinski
Before the skater laces up, she logs on to beauty site "It's easier than going to the store," says Lipinski, 18. "I order lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, perfumes. I always go there when I get my new skating outfits." Though Lipinski—who has used to find skating music and is a spokeswoman for Stay Safe Online (, a site devoted to Internet safety tips for kids—took home the gold in Nagano in 1998, she sometimes stumbles online. "I get so confused. Something will go wrong and I'll say 'Forget it,' and go to the mall."

Internet Manners

My boss always e-mails me in giant capital letters. Since he yells 95 percent of the time anyway, this is no big surprise, but it's REALLY starting to bug me. I've asked nicely, shouted back in a bigger font; NOTHING works. He knows it's impolite and does it anyway. What can I do?

Try explaining that people read text written in caps more slowly. (A study has proved it.) So he's sapping employee productivity, at least by a few milliseconds per message. If appealing to the bottom line doesn't end this capital punishment—and "I QUIT!" isn't an option—you may be able to edit him down to size. Microsoft Outlook, for example, offers a "change case" option when you're in message-editing mode. Or copy his messages into your word processing program and reduce them there.

Click and Get It

Ticket to Ride
Baby, you can drive their bus! To mark its 30th anniversary, the Hard Rock Cafe is giving away the Beatles' wheels (from their spacey 1967 TV film Magical Mystery Tour) to the winner of a sweepstakes contest running through April 30 at In the meantime, the newly refurbished, British-made 1959 Bedford Val Panorama motor coach tour bus will be visiting various East Coast cities. Sorry, no test drives. Ten finalists will win a trip to the 30th-birthday bash at the flagship Hard Rock Cafe in London this June.

X Marks the Spat
What's worse than being kidnapped by aliens on The X-Files? How about being harangued by lawyers for The X-Files? 20th Century Fox has accused the University of Wisconsin's science education site the Why Files ( of trademark infringement. "The Web site," says Fox spokesman Steven Melnick, "is clearly meant to capitalize on a trademark that we have a legal responsibility to protect." Whoa, says Terry Devitt, cofounder and editor of the Why Files, which launched in 1996. "Anyone who has lived on this planet for any years can easily distinguish between the Why Files, science education, and The X-Files, science fiction. I'm not sure what they're trying to lock up—the whole alphabet or the word 'files.' If it's 'files,' what about The Rockford Files?"

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