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Desktop Icons
Did you hear the one about the sexiest men on the Internet? No, really

If you think Internet execs are a bunch of pasty-faced geeks, well, you're probably right. But at least a few are not, judging from an online calendar, " 'Tough Guys' of the New Economy," at "These guys are good-looking and driven," says calendar creator Sabine Heller, 25, a public relations exec at Manhattan-based entertainment company UnderGroundOnline. "They're not just the hot guys on the beach." Some apparently are pretty hot—particularly Ed Vincent, 27, CEO of e-commerce site Citystuff. com and a most-clicked Tough Guy. "I've been getting a lot of feedback," says the single 6'1" ex-model, who is Mr. May. "But I have yet to get a proposal." After posting a call for "camera-friendly" dot-commers on, Heller says she picked a dozen execs based on not "just their good looks but their unique and significant talents." And what would they be? Well, as the site notes, Mr. March, Spencer A. McClung Jr., an exec VP of Launch Media, was "three-time winner of the Hunks that Hula competition."

My Favorite Sites

Regina King
The heavenly Down to Earth star—she plays Chris Rock's love interest in the hit comedy—is actually so earth-bound that she does all her own shopping. Sorta. "I order all my groceries" from webvan com, says King, 30, who broke out as Cuba Gooding Jr.'s wife in 1996's Jerry Maguire. "They pick the right fruit, they take their time." The only drawback is for coupon clippers: "You can't work it that way. But believe it or not, it costs about the same.

Internet Manners

A friend forwards e-mail I to me all the time. Sure, I'm concerned about the well-being of women in I Afghanistan, and of course I'd love to get a check for $4,000, but I don't appreciate these modern chain letters. I've let my friend know how I feel about this on numerous occasions, and her refusal to stop is starting to affect our friendship. I don't think she respects me enough to pay attention. Should I go so far as to cut off all contact with her?

Issue one last plea—a face-to-face ultimatum might stand the best chance of penetrating her thick skull. (Perhaps she simply forgot to delete your address from a group mailing list.) If she persists, try returning every unwanted tidbit to her with a cease-and-desist note. Or set up your e-mail program to block her messages. Whether to preserve your real-world relationship is up to you—some people just shouldn't be allowed near a computer keyboard.

Join a Chat Room, Make a Friend

Colorful—the "xx" is for the female chromosome—is, in the words of cofounder Kristi Kaylor, "about empowering girls from all backgrounds and giving girls a voice." Or at least giving Jennifer Aniston, who has a stake in Voxxy, a voice. On Jen XX, a subsection of the site, an animated version of the Friends star gabs with every click of the mouse. Her intention, she declared in a Voxxy chat, is to "demystify the glory and glamor of celebrity." Here are some typically demystifying tidbits.

•On body image: An agent once told her to lose weight. "Sure enough I did, and sure enough I worked...that's this business."

•On her parents' divorce when she was 9: "It's taught me so much about compassion...and pain and endurance and tolerance."

•On her main hobbies: "Painting, [working with] clay...tending to my garden, margaritas...."

•On, uh, self-image: "I'm a goofball wacko freak." With a voice.

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Heartwarming Selection
A slew of stuff's available through March 18 at Among items already sold: Chanel shoes signed by Bette Midler (right), $168. Proceeds go to the American Heart Association.

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