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originally published 05/07/2001 AT 01:00 AM EDT

52 Up Front
A new exhibit highlights the regal style of Camelot's queen, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy

60 Flying over the Amazon, Roni Bowers and her infant daughter Charity are mistaken for drug smugglers and killed

65 On the Move
As Mickey Mantle in Billy Crystal's 61 *, Thomas Jane belts it out of the park

69 Tube
Anne Robinson, the harsh mistress of The Weakest Link, adds insult to infamy

74 Couples
After separating, Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison give marriage another try

77 Introducing
Lauren Graham, Gilmore Girls' feisty mom, draws on her own childhood

81 Pages
Deborah Carrino fights years of grief by gathering her dead sister's drawings in a book

85 Coping
Despite a string of bestsellers, novelist Amy Tan (The Bonesetter's Daughter) still battles her longtime adversary: depression

91 Controversy
Disturbed by Gone with the Wind's depiction of blacks, Alice Randall wrote her own cheeky parody of the Civil War saga—and landed in court

96 Cover
At 40, George Clooney is aging rakishly: shooting films, dating casually and hanging with the guys

105 Family
Sante Kimes led one son, Kenny, into murder—but her other boy, Kent Walker, refused to follow

109 Bio
Happy days are here again for Henry Winkler, who stars on Broadway in a play Fonzie wouldn't be caught dead attending

117 Entrepreneurs
Kids love playing with Michael Wood's LeapFrog educational toys—and are none the warts for wear

124 Happy
With her single days—and money woes—behind her, diva Toni Braxton ties the knot with musician Keri Lewis

129 In the Money
Former sales trainer Sara Blakely turns her frustrating search for footless hose into big business

133 Crime
It just sort of happened, says Nathaniel Brazill, then 13: Out came his gun and then his favorite teacher lay dead

139 Royals
Prince Harry loses a battle with a door but makes it to the big rugby game

141 Inventors
With a gift of a pair of bionic arms, Ivan Yaeger helps an armless 11-year-old embrace life more fully

147 Wedding
Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant surprises his L.A. Lakers teammates by marrying 18-year-old Vanessa Laine right before the playoffs begin

148 Teachers
Teacher Clair Clark's students get top grades for matchmaking: They found her a husband online

4 Mailbag
6 Star Tracks
15 Scoop
23 Online
27 Picks & Pans
51 Insider
95 Passages
119 Style Watch
130 Puzzler
150 Chatter

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