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originally published 05/07/2001 AT 01:00 AM EDT

At Last, They Walk Down the Aisles
In their latest project, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake buy, buy, buy

You guys, have you, like, seen Britney and Justin's latest video??? It's on, where a clip of Britney Spears and 'N Sync's Justin Timberlake showcases their awesome talent—for shopping. The pair hit Bloomingdale's and F.A.O. Schwarz for what Youtopia CEO Randi Shinder calls an "unscripted" binge. (Except that Spears, a shareholder in the site, was contractually bound to participate.) Among the insights gleaned from the video:

•Spears wears size 4.

•Timberlake's favorite color: baby blue.

•The 'N Sync star is "open to trying anything [in fashion] except cross-dressing."

•Even the egregiously famous have insecurities: Spears expresses an urgent need "to go to the face freaking out!"

Internet Manners

My 13-year-old granddaughter gave a friend her e-mail password and somebody—that friend or someone the friend told—used it to e-mail hurtful things to my granddaughter's friends. We changed her password, but is there a way to trace the culprit?

If you report the incident to your Internet service provider, it can probably finger the perp and exact punishment (like perhaps terminating the prankster's account). But a call to the "friend's" parents might work wonders—and ensure that all parties learn their lessons. Such as, Don't share your password any sooner than you would your toothbrush.

A friend often returns my phone calls with e-mails. I'm starting to think that's rude. Am I oversensitive?

No—your pal's habit implies, correctly or not, that she is avoiding a real conversation. It's fine to answer a simple question via e-mail, but for anything more she owes you a jingle.

My Favorite Sites

Ashley Judd
Leno and Letterman better start honing their vocab skills. When Judd goes online, the Someone Like You star looks up the word of the day on, the Oxford English Dictionary site. She also impresses fellow thespians. Her Kiss the costar Morgan Freeman "has a favorite line in a poem, 'I am the captain of my soul,' and he asked me to find who wrote it," she says. "So I'll go to OED to check it out." (Answer: obscure English poet William Ernest Henley.) A quibble: "It's not fair," she says, that charges for some features. After all, movie stars are barely scraping by these days.

Drumming Up Sales
Mick Fleetwood has sold a few records in his time, so why not a Ferrari? The Fleetwood Mac drummer has teamed up with friend and auctioneer Ted Owen to create online auction house "We're a small company," says Fleetwood, 58. "Practically everyone comes from a music or entertainment-type-background." The idea, he says, is to preserve entertainment memorabilia by getting it into the hands of collectors. "With clients big and small we're touchy-feely," he says. "We make sure these objects are sold to their best advantage." Last year the duo auctioned off a slew of John Lennon's belongings, including his Steinway piano (which went to George Michael for $2.1 million) and his 1965 Ferrari. Coming in June: a Kingly collection of Elvis-related items, including his peacock-adorned white jumpsuit. Still, the drummer says he hasn't given up his day job. "Fleetwood Mac," he adds, "is still very active."

Mail Call
Throughout May, AOL's "Welcome" and "You've got mail" greetings will be spoken by 12 different celebs—with clues to help you guess their identities. The first hint is about a star who once worked at Dunkin' Donuts. Our guess? You're lookin' at her (above).

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