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Brief Encounters
Who loves short shorts? Quite a few movie stars

Not playing at a theater near you: hundreds of movies featuring stars like Ewan McGregor, Jack Lemmon and Matthew McConaughey. At, launched in 1998 by former record executive Mika Salmi, 35, 3 million users can watch more than 1,500 independent shorts on their own laptops, free. Some films featuring big-screen actors, says Salmi, were made either "before they became famous" or as "a little breather from Hollywood"—such as Lemmon's eight-minute Puppies for Sale (1997), in which he plays a softhearted pet-store owner. Or Baby Steps (1999), starring Kathy Bates as an adoption caseworker. For David Alan Grier, who stars in a comedy called Damned If You Do, "it was about doing something different," says the DAG actor. "And it was totally fun!" Except for those pesky computer crashes.

My Favorite Sites

Kirsten Dunst
The winsome star of Bring It On and next month's Crazy/Beautiful thinks her bark may be worse than her bite: Visiting, she took the personality test called What Breed of Dog Are You? "I like visiting the personality section to see if the tests can really figure me out," says Dunst, 19. "[This one] predicted that I was a playful pug. It totally fits my personality—witty and charming, yet I can be a little naughty and mischievous when I want to be." Also on the site, where Dunst always goes "to the new tests section first to see if they posted any crazy new tests I should take," is the Celebrity Matchmaker quiz, where Dunst can find out if she's the John Cusack, Ben Affleck or Tiger Woods type. Spider-Man costar and friend Tobey Maguire isn't an option.

Internet Manners

I let a guy I would have liked to know better get away. I was thinking of sending a message to his company's e-mail address—"We met at...I didn't get a chance to say goodbye." But I'm afraid of embarrassing him. Should I do it?

If he's not the only person who reads the company's e-mail, he could be in for some serious ribbing. Of course, you could laugh about it at your wedding if he turns out to be Mr. Right, but you'd do better to send him an old-fashioned snail-mail note—or work up your courage and give him a call.

My brother forwards the e-mail I send to him on to other family members. I believe e-mail is like a personal letter and should not be sent on without permission. He says I'm too sensitive, and that it's a good way to keep everyone connected. Who is right?

You are. (Was he a tattle-tale as a kid?) Keep private e-mails to yourselves—but keep the peace by setting up a group e-mail list through which your whole family can share news.

Click and Get It

Dawson's Detritus
Just like any other kids looking forward to graduation, the Dawson's Creek gang must say goodbye to their high school treasures. Through May 30 at, Dawson's Creek devotees can bid on such items as Joey's (Katie Holmes) size-4 prom dress, a mock yearbook and Pacey's (Joshua Jackson) hockey jersey. Teenage angst sold separately.

Phoning It In
Attention, parents: Ideally you should be the ones reading to the apple of your eye, but if laryngitis has got you sore or Dr. Seuss has left you tongue-tied, rely on star power to save you from little Timmy's wrath. Just click on a favorite celebrity's name at Your phone will ring 10 seconds later, and on the line? A recorded bedtime story soothingly read by Candice Bergen, Laura San Giacomo or Olympia Dukakis—who chose "The Little Engine That Could," she says, for its "powerful message about determination." At a dollar a minute, the stars don't shine cheaply (Dukakis's story will set you back 10 bucks), but half the money goes to their favorite charities. Got another line free just for you? Click on Tori Spelling to hear about her start in showbiz or what it's like to work on a made-for-TV movie.

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