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Robert Blake
Let me get this straight. You are protecting someone you love who is being stalked, so you park not close to the restaurant where you intend to eat, but on a side street. Then, while protecting her, you forget to bring your gun with you when leaving the restaurant. You go back alone to get it, and upon returning to your car you find your loved one fatally shot. Sounds to me as if the word was put out that Bonny Bakley was being stalked so that someone could get her out of the way. I hope the police continue to look close to home.
M. Major, Richton Park, Ill.

I would be more than upset if Robert Blake were found guilty of killing Bonny Bakley. I have adored him since before Baretta and always stayed up to watch him with Johnny Carson. I treasure my autographed picture of him and his parrot, Fred.
Adrianne S. Lucke, Arlington, Va.

At least in death you gave Bonny Bakley all she ever wanted in life—recognition as a Hollywood wife and a cover story in a national magazine.
Sheila Allen, New York City

Lorrie and Sammy
As a Roman Catholic and a Republican, I am ashamed to say I have these things in common with Lorrie Morgan and Sammy Kershaw. I am appalled that the Nashville diocese would agree to marry them in a Catholic church. Not only have they openly committed adultery, but four previous marriages for Ms. Morgan and three for Mr. Kershaw prove they view marriage as trivial.
Stacey Hurley, Fort Lauderdale

I am outraged that the Church would even consider marrying these self-centered twits. It makes me wonder if they have different rules for people with money.
Eilene Shotley, Cloquet, Minn.

After reading about the soapopera lives of Lorrie Morgan and Sammy Kershaw, I am amazed that neither seems the least concerned about the people they have so blithely left behind—be they wives, husbands or children. Is it possible they simply don't care how many people they hurt in their never-ending search for the perfect mate and their "eagerness for a fresh start"? Do they deserve each other? Definitely! Will it last? Definitely not!
Marci Longenecker, Lititz, Pa.

Gillian Lange
Finally, someone from the Hollywood area who truly deserves a write-up in your magazine. The wonderful and dedicated work that Ms. Lange does in rescuing needy animals really makes the shallow stars, with their diets, divorces, children out of wedlock, etc. even more unimportant. She deserves all the applause she can get—and so do the stars who support her cause.
Judith W. Ditfurth, Lighthouse Point, Fla.

Another voice for those who have none. There should be many more Gillian Langes in the world.
Marcy Coryell, Bay City, Mich.

Patti and Robert Pena
I am a cell-phone owner and the mother of a 6-month-old son. Long before the birth of my son I understood the importance of cell-phone safety. The loss of the Penas' baby, Morgan, should never have occurred. I applaud Mrs. Pena's efforts to get legislation passed to ban cell-phone use while driving. If my phone rings while I am driving, I either let it ring (whoever is calling can leave a message) or pull over. No phone call is worth someone's life.
Desiree Wyrick, West Pittston, Pa.

My prayers go out to Patricia and Robert Pena. Every time I see someone driving with a cell phone to their ear, I get so angry. How self-absorbed are all of you? What phone call can't wait until your car is parked? You idiots have thousands of pounds of machinery at your fingertips. You are not only responsible for yourself and your passengers, you have a responsibility to other people on the road. I just hope lawmakers have enough guts to put an end to this senseless tragedy.
Lisa Lehman, Kenosha, Wis.

While these sad accidents can easily be prevented, a cell-phone ban probably won't help. If it isn't the phone distracting drivers, it's the coffee cup, the chocolate bar or tuning the radio. Drivers should learn to perform unrelated actions without taking their eyes off the road and should be prepared to toss whatever it is when traffic requires their full attention. It is unreasonable to think all distractions can be eliminated by law.
Wolfgang G. Propfe, via e-mail

Famous Mothers and Daughters
Eleven mothers interviewed about their daughters, and you couldn't find more than one daughter who appears to be with both her original parents? What does this say about Hollywood?
Jeri Carr-Serbinowski, Sagamore Hills, Ohio

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