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originally published 06/25/2001 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Lauren Holly brought a surprise guest to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation carnival on June 10: her 5-week-old son Alexander Joseph. Holly and her husband of three months, investment banker Francis Greco, adopted the infant shortly after his birth, which they also witnessed. "I'm so happy," she told us. "Instant family—just add water!" Actually, the couple started the adoption procedure before they got married on March 10. Holly, who just finished shooting a TNT movie called King of Texas, doesn't plan on working for a while. "Now I'm just being with my boy," she says happily.

Although Mick Jagger has a production company with 12 films in development—its first, Enigma, will be released next year—none is as close to him as his current project: a documentary about himself. Kevin Macdonald, an acclaimed documentarian who won an Oscar last year for One Day in September, is directing the film, which focuses on Jagger's career of late. A camera crew trailed the rocker recently in L.A., where he has been working on an as-yet-untitled solo album.

Latin pop star Enrique Iglesias is making his Hollywood feature-film debut alongside Antonio Banderas in Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and while on location in Mexico's San Miguel de Allende, Iglesias is doing his best to improve international relations. According to a source on the set, the 26-year-old singer started chomping on a taco at a street stand when he was recognized by the woman behind the counter. "The taco's on me if you kiss me," she told him. Mumbled Iglesias: "But I have taco breath." "That's okay," she answered. "I'm the taco girl." She got her kiss.

Of all the Hollywood stars that consistently watch the Los Angeles Lakers, none is a bigger fan than Dyan Cannon—not even Jack Nicholson. Would Jack bring home-baked goodies to the game for those who work for the team, including the valet-parking guys and Lakers owner Jerry Buss? Cannon, a longtime season-ticket holder (her floor seat is next to Magic Johnson's), has been bringing her confections to almost all the games for years—not just the playoffs. "It's my contribution to the well-being of the people that surround the Lakers," she tells me. While team members are partial to Cannon's brownies, Nicholson prefers her banana muffins, which he scarfs down in the private club for courtside seat holders.

Not every parent can play the piano for their child during a ballet recital, but that's what John Tesh did on June 9 in L.A. Prima, 7, his daughter with Connie Sellecca, did. a three-minute routine with six girls while Tesh performed "Concetta," a song he composed for Sellecca 10 years ago. Prima kept looking over at her proud papa, who smiled encouragingly. At the end, they clasped hands and bowed as the crowd of 500, Mom included, cheered. "I'd never been that nervous onstage," Tesh told me. "If I screwed up, the girls wouldn't know where to go."

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