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originally published 06/25/2001 AT 01:00 AM EDT

After an X-Files season finale that seemed to indicate that Mulder was the father of Scully's newborn son, look for David Duchovny to be an absentee dad on the FOX series. "I don't know if he's a dad or not, but he's going to be absent, that's for sure," says Duchovny, who won't be returning for the show's ninth season. "After eight years, fatherhood is what finally scares Mulder away." However, Duchovny, 39, who continues battling aliens in the new sci-fi comedy Evolution, says he will happily come back for a second X-Files movie. "Oh yeah, but I think we shouldn't do another movie until the show is off the air," he says. "It's my feeling that you should actually give the audience a chance to miss the show—and give me a chance to miss the show."

The Circle of Pop Life
Donny Osmond, who is currently traveling the U.S. for the first leg of a world tour promoting his latest album, This Is the Moment, finds life on the road hasn't changed much—he even still has groupies. "It's amazing that they're still there," says Osmond, 43, who last toured in 1989. "I call them the Puppy Lovers." The singer is competing for a share of the lucrative summer concert business, which will likely be dominated by 'N Sync and Backstreet Boys, two groups that remind Osmond of his days as a teen idol. "I went to see 'N Sync, and we sat and talked about all our experiences," he says. "They saw things about my career on Behind the Music, so they knew that I knew exactly what they were going through. But it's all cyclical anyway: We all know that it's a four-or five-year run, and then you move on."

Gender Bender
Model-turned-actress James King, who plays a military nurse in the World War II blockbuster Pearl Harbor, admits that she's a little sick of people asking about her traditionally male first name. "I was originally named after the Bionic Woman, Jaime Sommers," explains King, 22, referring to the 1976-78 TV series that starred Lindsay Wagner. "My mom was a huge fan of the show. Then, as a child, my grandparents started calling me Jiminy Cricket. And somehow we went from Jiminy to James. But on my birth certificate, it's Jamie." Lest there be any gender confusion, she says, "I'm such a girl. Any chance I get to put on red lipstick and a ridiculously expensive skirt, I'm there."

The Monkey's Paw
Emergency-room patients at an L.A.-area hospital were shocked to discover a gorilla in their midst a few months ago. Actually it was Michael Clarke Duncan, who had injured his ankle on the set of next month's Planet of the Apes remake and was carted to the hospital, decked out in full ape costume and makeup. "I sat up on the gurney and yelled, 'Hey, did you guys ever see The Green Mile? Well, that's me;' " says Duncan, 43, whose makeup people changed him back from beast to man during the examination. "When it was all over and I was fine, I walked out of the X-ray room with my own face. The same patients were waiting, and they took one look at me and applauded."

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