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updated 11/26/2001 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/26/2001 AT 01:00 AM EST

The Thigh's the Limit!
Ratcheting up their style a notch, well-heeled celebs are taking fashion to new heights with sexy thigh-high boots. The form-fitting footwear is "striking," says Sabrina, the Teenage Witch's Elisa Donovan. Singer Cyndi Lauper appreciates that her Gianni Milanesi boots "make my legs look nice," while Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland found her funky thigh-highs "surprisingly comfortable." "I felt a step ahead," she says. Designer Roberto Cavalli understands. "They make women feel special," he says.

The best way to go long is "with a short skirt," says Miami designer Santini Mavardi. Hot pants work too but keep it chic, warns L.A. stylist Trish Summerville, to avoid "that Pretty Woman image." Singer Deborah Gibson agrees. She donned the boots recently, and, she says, laughing, "I thought, 'Oh my God, I need to cover them. People might mistake what I do for a living.' "

with Amy Baumgartner in Los Angeles and Denise Sypesteyn in Miami

behind the seams

Multitasking as usual, Jennifer Lopez was zooming along an L.A. freeway this week when she called me to gab about her new clothing line, J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez, which she's steering toward 16-to 25-year-olds now that the sporty gear is available nationwide. Her hip looks, featuring denim minidresses, kicky tube tops and cropped leather motorcycle jackets, may seem racy, but "I always just put stuff on that I feel good in," she says. "I hope girls pick up that message." Indeed, the star doesn't expect a parental backlash. "The pieces are sexy but not trashy. I like class with my clothing," she says. "No mothers will be going, 'Oh my God!' "...

When makeup artist Vincent Longo arrived on the set of Friends to powder up Sting's wife, Trudie Styler, for a guest spot, he was cornered by Courteney Cox Arquette Arquette and Lisa Kudrow. The ladies complained they were suffering from Cherry Lip Stain withdrawal. It seems Longo's $18 lipstick was sold out everywhere they looked in L.A. The beauty guru happily ended the drought by getting on the horn to his New York City headquarters and ordering a supply to be delivered to the actresses pronto....

What's a best-tressed royal like Queen Rania of Jordan to do when Britain's Queen Elizabeth invites her to England for a round of fabulous functions? Why, wing in mane man Stephen Knoll! Rania installed the New York City stylist at Windsor Castle, where she hung her crown during a recent four-day stay and got a layered shoulder-length clipping, nothing drastic. But Knoll really went to town on the royal locks for a white-tie dinner, sweeping up the Jordanian queen's hair into a smart French knot, leaving some loose ends to complement her dazzling diamond tiara....

Seen: Charlize Theron, très casual in jeans, a black baggy sweater and gray off-the-shoulder shirt, rocking out at the U2 concert in L.A. last week with her boyfriend and best accessory, Irish actor Stuart Townsend, draped around her.

presto change-o

The double dye job did it for Teri Polo. After going from blonde to brown and back again within days for work, the Domestic Disturbance star says her hair felt "like straw." L.A. stylist John Blaine came to the rescue with a not-too-short razor cut. "It makes me look younger," says a pleased Polo. But she is quick to note, "Long hair will always be classic. It's a nice change, but I will grow it back."

Star talk

Some people buy what's hot, some buy what they love. What purchase has given you the most pleasure?

Actress Chloë Sevigny
"At the Paris flea market I found an old Jean Muir dress—gray leather with buttons, and it was only $10. What a find!"

Moulin Rouge's John Leguizamo
"A silver chain from Mexico because it's thick, masculine and ghetto fabulous."

American Pie 2's Tara Reid
"My big, black combat boots. They make me look tali and skinny and tough. They are who I am, and I will wear them forever."

Actress Melissa Joan Hart
"I wear this wrap dress all the time. It's casual, sexy and fun."

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