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updated 01/14/2002 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/14/2002 AT 01:00 AM EST

46 Up Front
A healthy liver donor saves two lives in a revolutionary transplant

Arrested on charges of shoplifting and possessing unprescribed painkillers, Winona Ryder claims a misunderstanding

Marcella Anderson gets a happy head start on the new year—with the safe return of her kidnapped baby girl

J.K. Rowling, creator of Harry Potter, says "I do" to doctor Neil Murray

59 Trouble
Officials look for terrorist links to alleged "Shoe Bomber" Richard Reid

63 Bio
The West Wing's First Lady Stockard Channing easily holds her own

69 Split
Tom Green files for a divorce from Drew Barrymore after just five months of marriage—no joke

75 Olympics 2002
Julie Chu puts Harvard on hold to skate with the U.S. women's hockey team

79 Family
Widowed on Sept. 11 with two kids and a frightening spot on her lung, Beth Murphy carries on

87 Wedding
Prince William skips the wedding of uncle Charles Spencer to Caroline Freud

88 Cover
Katie Couric starts the year with a loving beau, great kids and, oh yes, a new $65 million contract

101 In the Money
Designer Mossimo Giannulli is all the rage with a hip clothing line sold by an unlikely retailer

105 Pages
Disabled by disease, Mattie Stepanek becomes a bestselling poet at age 11

107 Where Are They Now?
After doing battle with Chucky in Child's Play, Alex Vincent bids Hollywood goodbye

119 Tribute
Pioneering sportscaster Dick Schaap covered athletes and collected friends with uncommon grace

121 Happy
Joan Collins, 68, and beau Percy Gibson, 36, plan to stroll down the aisle next month

123 Screen
The riddle of his paternity solved, Sean Astin, Patty Duke's son, embraces fame in The Lord of the Rings

127 Farewell
The end comes for Lance Loud, who made reality-TV history as the big brother on An American Family

129 Jocks
High schooler Ty Tryon, 17, becomes the youngest golfer ever to earn a spot on the PGA Tour

132 Scene
Spellbound Harry Potter fans are jumping on their broomsticks and flying to England to visit the locations featured in the hit fantasy film

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