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updated 01/14/2002 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/14/2002 AT 01:00 AM EST

Ring masters: At the Hollywood premiere of Ali, Muhammad Ali got a bit punchy with the biopic's star Will Smith (who brought his awestruck son Trey, 9). "I put my entire self into this role," says Smith of the 13 grueling months he spent training for fight scenes.

Clearly having a ball performing his last official act as New York City mayor, Rudolph Giuliani (with girlfriend Judith Nathan looking on) rings in the new year at Times Square before some 500,000 revelers.

In the driver's seat on-and offscreen, a newly mustachioed George Clooney took his vintage Harley for a spin in Malibu. Lately he has revved up to direct Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, a comedy in which he also costars with Nicole Kidman.

"This is a great gig," said an unflaggingly patriotic Jay Leno aboard a U.S. Air Force plane on Dec. 21, as he and Dwight Yoakam (far left, with M. Sgt. Cody Crowder) headed to an undisclosed location to entertain troops.

Jennifer Connelly and Russell Crowe reunited at the L.A. premiere of A Beautiful Mind, the film about mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr. in which they play husband and wife.

In L.A., Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (left), Lucy Liu and Hugh Jackman got giddy after announcing the Golden Globe nominations.

Displaying extraordinary poise under pressure, President George W. Bush (backed by Army Gen. Tommy Franks) reasoned calmly with an unexplained 40-ft-tall springer spaniel at his Texas ranch. (Okay, it's just a photographer's optical illusion. The President is actually much, much taller—and that's his pup Spot.)

In L.A., Robert Downey Jr. teamed with son Indio, 8, and performed duets with Elton John and Sting at a benefit for the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic, which was cohosted by the actor.

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