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updated 02/04/2002 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/04/2002 AT 01:00 AM EST

50 Cover
Carrie Hamilton succumbs to lung cancer years after beating drugs—but not cigarettes—with the help of her mother, Carol Burnett

56 Up Front
A newly modish Chelsea Clinton wows 'em in Paris

58 The scandal over pedophile priest John Geoghan puts the Catholic Church on the defensive

63 Whistle-blowers
Sherron Watkins spoke out about shady doings at Enron. Now her bold memo sees the light of day

67 Friendship
Pals of World Trade Center victim Berry Berenson see her legacy in a ring pulled from the rubble

69 Body
Sonya Dakar's no-nonsense approach to skin care has Hollywood lining up face forward

73 Screen
With Stanford and Yale on her CV, Jennifer Connelly aces A Beautiful Mind

77 Tribute
Peggy Lee, dead at 81, infused pop ballads with husky sexiness for 60 years

81 Pols
Diplomat Wendy Chamberlin gets her toughest assignment—representing the U.S. in Pakistan

86 Party
Sarah Jessica Parker, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman and Heather Locklear were among the stars puttin' on the glitz at the Golden Globe awards

95 Crime
Angry student Peter Odighizuwa is accused of killing three at his remote Virginia law school—including one of the people who had helped him most

103 Update
In harmony with musician Ben Harper, Laura Dern tunes into motherhood

109 Tragedy
The sadness of Sept. 11 deepens as widows Patricia Flounders and Prasanna Kalahasthi take their own lives

115 Olympics 2002
On the road to Salt Lake City, bobsledder Jean Racine overcame the loss of her mother and her best friend

120 Where Are They Now?
After swapping showbiz for academia, Home Alone alum Angela Goethals is back at home on the stage

123 Pages
Ian Falconer has kids squealing for joy with his books about a posh pig

137 Tube
Elisha Cuthbert grabs the spotlight as the kidnapped teen on spy drama 24

139 In Her Own Words
After a split with her son, Barbara LeBey writes about mending family ties

142 Scene
At Madame Tussaud's museum on New York City's 42nd Street, the public waxes enthusiastic for—and gets up close and personal with—life-size figures of favorite celebs

4 Mailbag
6 Online
8 Star Tracks
15 Scoop
25 Picks & Pans
49 Insider
85 Passages
99 Style Watch
118 Puzzler
146 Chatter

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