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updated 02/04/2002 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/04/2002 AT 01:00 AM EST

A Fine Mash

Designers have cast their nets over a slew of this season's frocks—and landed some big fish, including Charlize Theron, Vivica A. Fox and Reese Witherspoon, in the process. "I loved it," says Fox of the charcoal dress with silver overlay by Manhattan designer Donna Haag that she donned for a recent premiere. "It had miniature crystal balls that sparkled and caught the light. I felt very glamorous in it." Fashioned from a layer of beading and mesh fabric, the overlay "has a soft, simple sheerness," says L.A. stylist Petra Pfaffli. Even better, the nets "give a woman coverage," says Haag. "Some women don't like to show their arms. This is a way of having them covered but still sexy." The effect, explains Caryn Lerner, president of Escada USA, is "a wonderful sense of illusion."

Just be careful not to spoil the magic. "Wear proper undergarments," advises Fox, "not bright underwear that screams for attention."

with Teena Hammond in Los Angeles

Behind the Seams

What Was She Thinking?
Christmas is long gone, so how come Sela Ward turned up at the Golden Globes looking like a forgotten yuletide gift? Turns out the Once and Again actress, who sported the crinkled and bow-tied Valentino confection with 10-carat Harry Winston diamond earrings, had another holiday in mind. "It's fun and festive and Valentine-sy and red," she says of her shiny dress. As for its fussy flamboyance, Ward adds, "I love this whole flamenco thing designers are doing right now." All right, Sela. Wear it once, but not again.

Golden Globes Dish: Marisa Tomei had dresses galore at her disposal for the awards fete, including a pink silk Thierry Mugler, but the In the Bedroom star was still seeking the perfect frock less than 24 hours before the show. On Saturday evening Tomei swooped into the chichi L.A. vintage boutique Decades just minutes before the shop shut its doors. After nixing a complicated early-1970s Grecian-style Holly Harp gown that necessitated a team to get it on the actress, Tomei instead snapped up a slinky asymmetrical black gown of unknown pedigree. "There's no label in it," she says of the blast from the past. "We think it might be a vintage Pauline Trigère. It's sqoo Trigère."...

Katie Couric didn't mind taking on the last-minute assignment of covering the glittering Globes parties with her pal Tracey Ullman for Today, but the thought of being in such sartorially splendid company, she admits, did produce some "flop sweat." "I wanted to look nice but blend in," she says. So Couric had a chic little black silk dress air-expressed to her from New York City shop Searle and slipped her tootsies into strappy rhinestone-flecked Manolo Blahnik stilettos that she nabbed from a fashion-magazine photo shoot last year....

Nervous fashionistas at Gucci nearly were reduced to biting their manicured nails during the process of dressing Kate & Leopold's Hugh Jackman for the big show. Seems the Globe-nominated Aussie hunk took his job of bulking up for his role in the upcoming X2 very seriously and was verging on becoming too beefy for his one-button, shawl-collared black tuxedo. Luckily Jackman managed to squeeze into the natty getup at the final fitting just days before he hit the red carpet. Phew!...

At the Sundance Film Festival, held in Park City, Utah, Jennifer Aniston happily helped herself to the trove of promotional freebies dangled before her by sponsors at the event, but she wasn't thinking solely of herself. Every time the Friends star procured a free gift—including Burberry mirror lens sunglasses and a Levi's corduroy Sherpa jacket—she asked, "Can I get another one for B?" "B," of course, is the lovebird's pet name for hubby Brad Pitt, who was also in attendance but busy schussing down the local slopes.

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